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East Africa shelters 4 of Africa's most porpular safari destinations, each with something unique and diverse to offer when it comes to tourism. It has long been been renowned for its large concentrations of wildlife, such as the big five game animals, thousands of primates, rare bird species and lots of remarkable safari attractions; making it a good destination for an adventurous expedition. For over a decade, Focus East Africa Tours has built a strong solid brand among the leading tour operators both in East Africa and beyond its borders which we strongly attribute to our dedication, expertise, experience and love for tourism. All these have enabled us extend our knowledge and offer hundreds of clients the best experiences of luxury African safaris. We mind so much about the kind of experience you are bound for whilst offering our best endeavors to ensure you make the most of your trip, reason why all our travel packages are crafted by well experienced consultants and experts putting together the most adventurous activities available in every single destination of your expedition which could be in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or rather two or more of these countries combined for a much broader and interesting experience.

Besides the interesting activities that come prepackaged with each package, we also have a good choice of slumber / luxury accommodation facilities and lodges for each safari we make, all coming at relatively low discounted rates considering the scores of existing partnerships we have with various safari lodges that affords us special rates for their facilities and services. The reasons for visiting East Africa are limitless! You could consider booking a Uganda safari for an exceptional Mountain Gorilla Tracking encounter, a Rwanda safari for a better and luxury gorilla trekking adventure, Kenya safaris for one of the best wildlife viewing experiences in the world or rather Tanzania safaris for an equally good wildlife adventure with extensions to Zanzibar for outstanding excursions.

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