Kendelungu national park, is found in the Katanga province formerly known as Shaba province of the Democratic republic of Congo covering 7600 kilometers squared, Kendelungu national park takes it’s name from the plateau found within, Kendelungu national park is connected Ted to the neighboring Upemba national park and the two are connected by an ecological corridor allowing the migration of the parks fauna.

Kendelungu National Park

Kendelungu national park is mostly covered the miombo woodlands while it’s sister park Upemba is characterized by miombo woodlands and Savannah plains, the park boasts with magnificent waterfalls such as the glorious water falls called Lutshipuka, Lofoi falls andMasansa the Lofoi waterfalls is said to be the largest in central Africa with an height of 165 metres high.

Kendelungu national park was established in 1970 and it adjoins with Upemba national park to boundary to the west.

Activities of Kendelungu national park

Game viewing

Kendelungu national park is one of the two national parks in he western province tourists can visit the park and go for game drives and expect animals such as; warthogs and, antelopes, jackals, servals, porcupine, hippos, crocodiles, monkeys in different species, buffalos, snakes and many more. There are different gaming tracks where you can view the wildlife.

Bird watching

There are also a number of birds to be seen for bird enthusiasts such birds include; Marabous, egrets, herons, cranes, pelicans,

Hike to Lofoi falls

The splendid carefully tapestried waterfalls also known as Chutes Kalobaare the highest waterfalls in Africa, there are also other water falls that you can go like Masansa to make your adventure memorable tourists can even take a bath from the below waters or even swim. Tourists can also camp up at the waterfalls and enjoy spectacular views.

How to get there

Tourists can access the park from Lubumbashi within two and half hours, several domestic chattered flights fly to Lubumbashi.

Where to stay

There are a variety of places where to stay more so at Lubumbashi town ranging from guest houses, mid range accommodation and luxurious.

Best time to visit

The park can be visited all year round however, the most convenient time is in the dry season, though visiting at anytime will give you a satisfying wilderness experience.

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