Shimba hills national reserve is situated in coastal province of Kenya just about 15 kilometers from the coast boasting with one of the highest concentration of elephants in the world having about 700 elephants and about 100 Sable antelopes only found in this area of Kenya.

Shimba Hills National Reserve

Shimba hills national reserve is covered with mountainous slopes, steep valleys, coastal rain forests and lush green vegetation.  The reserve is mainly known for its high plant biodiversityover 50% of Kenya’s rare plant species.

Shimba hills national reserve elephants have led to the damage of numbers due to various numbers, the Sheldrick falls provide breathtaking views of the water cascading over 25m of the escarpment, the reserve has got over 100 species of birds.

Shimba hills national reserve was established in the year 1903 as a national forest, thought the area is hot the coastal breezes provide cold wins creating mists most early mornings.

There has been an electric fence put up within the park boundaries to protect elephants from invading the farmlands, the reserve is very hot and humid with an average temperature​ of  24°C annually.

Apart from being renowned by large herds of elephants, Shimba hills national reserve is known for other  animals the best point for game viewing is near the river at Giriama point​ when animals are paraded to go drink at the banks animals  such as; The endangered sable antelope, buffalos, water bucks, warthogs, monkeys, baboons, giraffes, hyenas and ostriches to mention a few.

Nature guided walks can be done from various walking trails within the park and come across the various butterfly species, birds and plant species. Walks can also be taken to the splendid Sheldrick falls.

Tourists can go hiking to the magnificent Pengo hill standing about 450 meters above sea level providing breathtaking sceneries of the Shimba hills national reserve. The hill gives views of the Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa and Tsavo national park.

Shimba hills national reserve is rich in plant biodiversity having 45 of 159 rare plant species in Kenya, some of the endangered are orchids and cycad among many others.

Tourists can get the experience of African culture by visiting the local people and learning about the dramatic unique ways of lives.

Shimba hills national reserve is endowed with over 111 species of birds  both migratory birds from North Africa and Europe as well as residential birds.

Accommodation at Shimba hills national reserve will vary depending on the tourists budget  some of the accommodation units are; leopard beach resort and spa, Africa pearl and spa,  Diani  reef beach resort, hotel Diani house, Swahili beach resort, Diani beach resort, voyage beach resort, baobab beach resort and spa and Papillion lagoon reef to mention a few.

Shimba hills national reserve can be accessed by road or by air to the airstrips in the nearby towns

Best time to visit

The reserve can be visited all year round but the best time is in the dry season when the grass is short and the vegetation is not thick giving you excellent views of game. The best months are from July to October.

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