Witu forest reserve is positioned In Lamu district if Kenya covering about 46 kilometers squared, formed with a combination of two forests Gongoni and Utwani forests,  the reserve is an important elephant migrating route between Kipini conservancy, Amu ranch and Dodori national reserve.

Witu Forest Reserve

Witu national forest reserve also protects some of the endangered species of plants such as Europhobia Tanaensis reported to be about only 20 mature plants in the forest by IUCN 2009 report, it’s also renowned for many species of birds, it’s bordered by the Pangani swamp to the northeast, settlement area in the south west, Nairobi ranch in the south east and adjacent to the Mujanjini forests.

Witu forest national reserve was formed in 1927 and finally gazetted in the year 1962 and more he tares were gazetted to forest reserve in 2002, organizations such as David Sheldrick wildlife Trust have come to work hand in hand with the Kenyan forest service to protect the forest from illegal encroachment and over use if it’s resources and maintain it’s rich biodiversity.

Tourists visiting the reserve can come across a lot of wildlife especially primates including largest herds of elephants passing through the reserve and many more like hartebeest, lesser kudu, giraffes, generuk, gazelle, buffalos and antelopes to mention a few.

Witu forest national reserve is home many species of birds some of which are migratory birds from Europe and North Africa while others are residential forest birds.

Witu forest reserve boasts with a large number of different plant species some which are highly endangered, other plants are mostly used by the locals to heal several kinds of diseases as traditional herbs.

Africa is gifted with different groups of people with their own cultural values and beliefs apart from exploring the rain forest, tourists can go visit the people and learn about their culture.

Tourists can take nature walks within the forest and have a combined wilderness experience of viewing wildlife, birds, and plant species as well as numerous butterflies.

With forest can be accessed by road from Nairobi to Lamu where with is just about 5

There are many places where tourists can choose to stay depending on third budget some of them are; Rondo retreat, Forest Creek Lodge and spa, Kumbali country lodge, Fairmont zimbali lodge, serenity forest eco reserve, Jalsa beach hotel and spa and kekoorok lodge to mention a few.

With forest reserve can be visited all year round.

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