Camp Belgian monument is found in Nyarungenge in Kigali Rwanda. The camp is place where the ten Belgian were massacred during the early days of the Rwandan genocide on the 7th of April 1994against the Tutsi, this were working with the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda.

The Camp Belgian Monument

Camp Belgian monument is a place for honoring of  the diseased Belgian peace keepers, the soldiers were deployed to guard the house of the prime Minister Agatha Uwilingimana but the presidential soldiers invaded the home disarmed the Belgian soldiers and led them to where they weretaunted, intimidated, beaten andmassacred by the perpetrators of the genocide.

The ten soldiers were k under the command of General Dallaire Romeo of Canada As former Rwandan colonialists they had to send a troop to help other nations. The camp has got 10 pillar stones erected in remembrance of the fallen soldiers with the main room having bullet holes and shells on the spots where they were murdered.

Camp Belgian Monument consists of one story building and a small garden. The site can be accessed at a free cost no body is charged any money for entrance or any requirement, the site is situated in a former military camp where the violence occurred.

After the soldiers were killed, their bodies were mutilated and dumped at morgue of a nearby hospital this made the United Nations to withdraw it’s support from Rwanda and the country was left to bloodshed, the main aim of the Hutu extremists was to murder the ten soldiers so that Belgium will withdraw it’s support from UNAMIR.

The extremists learnt the lesson of killing from Somalia where UN soldiers were killed publicly and their bodies dragged to the streets hence making the United Nations to withdraw it’s assistance to Somalia, after the murder, western nations evacuated all their residents from Rwanda.

The camp Belgian monument was established by the Belgian government on the 7thApril 2000seven years after under the government of Guy Verhofstadt the graves have notches with each of the soldiers’ names and the age at the time of their death. This site is maintained by the Belgian government.

The camp can also provide you with information about the Rwandan genocide and brief writings of genocides world wide,

Tourists can access the Camp Belgian memorial from Kigali, its located south of the city in a place called Nyarungenge, you can use public transport or hire a car to the site tourists can also visit Kigali genocide memorial site or any other dark spots to learn more about the genocide.

While visiting the memorial site, tourists can spend a night in Kigali city. There are various accommodation facilities like; Serena hotel, Hotel Des Milles Collins.

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