The Ethnographic museum is situated in the southern part of Rwanda capital city in a place known as Butare, it’s also mostly known as Butare museum, the museum was given to Rwanda as a gift by the Belgian government under Baudouin 1as a commemoration of Independence.

The Ethnographic Museum of Rwanda

Ethnographic museum is one of the museums that make up the institute of national museum in Rwanda boating as one of Africas Ethnographic finest collections. The museum provides good information about the cultural history of Rwanda. The museum was formerly known as the national museum of Rwanda.

The site in which Queen Dowager Rosalie Gikanda was murdered during the massive killings at the time of the Rwandan genocide, this Queen was the wife to King Mwami of Rwanda the murder occurred on 20th of April 1994. The museum covers 20 hectares of land

Ethnographic museumwas built in 1987 and established with the help of the Belgian government in the September 18th1989, it’s the oldest museum in Rwanda and the first to be opened. It’s got seven galleries displaying archeological, artistic, geopolitics, historical and accompanied by visualaides visitors​details about Rwanda.

Ethnographic museum has got lots of books and pamphlets displayed that you may need to buy in case you want full details about Rwanda, there is also a traditional craft training center tourists can buy crafts and take them home for remembrance or to their loved ones

The guides at the museum are very friendly and warm welcoming making you feel at home, they will explain details of all you need to know and also teach you the process of how local beer made out of bananas is processed. The museum design and concept was realized in Co operation with Royal museum for central Africa of Tervuren, Belgium.

The ethnographic museum also has history of how east African kingdoms came in contact with Europeans, the reserve was suprisingly left out during the 1994 civil with no damages caused to it. The museum is always opened daily from 8:00 am to 5:00pm Rwandan time.

Tourists can get entertained at the museum by the Ntore traditional dancers on request with an affordable fee, the price for entertainment can be asked at the museums reception.

The museum can be reached from Kigali to Huye (Butare) this can take about 2 and half hours to reach. From Nyanza, it’s a 45 minutes’ drive and about 4 hours from Cyangugu.

Tourists can choose from a wide range of accommodation while visiting the museum but the best is to combine your safari with visiting other dark spot destinations of Rwanda or go for wildlife viewing and gorilla trekking.

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