Gisozi Genocide memorial also known as Kigali genocide memorial museum is located in Kigali the capital city of Rwanda. The sacred memorial site is important to all the people of Rwanda in loving memory of over 250,000 people who were murdered by ​the massive killings of the Rwandan genocide.

Gisozi Genocide Memorial Monument

The Genocide took place in Rwanda in 1994 against the Tutsi, this was due to tribalism that led to massive killings but the world stood still in silence and nothing was done, the Tutsi tribe we’re the main victims and the Hutus main perpetrators.

The Kigali memorial center was started up with a small building in 2000 before they invited Aegis institute who started collecting data from all over the world about the 1994 Rwandan genocide,

The cemetery here contains different remains of people collected from all over Rwanda those who died during the genocide. Some of these bodies were unidentified but found in toilets, sewages and trenches. Every family in Rwanda has a story about the genocide.

The Kigali memorial site was opened in 1999 and established in 2004 by the Aegis Trust. There are lots of objects like bones and weapons that were used during the genocide that can be evidently found at the museum, the site is divided into three sections.

The most touching section is that of the children many can’t even tell how many of this innocent soul were killed most foreigners come here to learn about the genocide while the people of Rwanda come to remember their loved ones.

The Gisozi genocide memorial site can tell you how hateful and harmful man can become, only the remains can tell you the story before your guide narrates the history suprisingly most of this guides are the people who survived the genocide against the Tutsi.

A part from visiting the genocide memorial site and other dark spots in Rwanda tourists can visit the national parks and trekking the famous mountain gorillas and there are lots of animals to be seen and other activities like hiking that can be done.

There are things like knives, lighters, alcohol and other dangerous weapons that won’t be allowed in the site they will be confiscated for the time being but will be given back when exciting the site, it’s always advisable for people of over 15 to always call for booking a week before and groups of over 30 people will be divided into smaller groups.

While at the site, tourists are not allowed to walk or step on the mass graves they are always encouraged to show respect and dress decently however much your in an holiday this place deserves all the honor and .

Pets may not be allowed at the memorial, there are also a variety of Continental meals provided at the café where you can sit and enjoy a meal but eating from the sites gardens is not allowed. The memorial site is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm every day of the week except the last Saturday of the month where it will be opened at 1:00pm and the last entry is at 4:00pm.

The memorial can be accessed by car from the center of Gisozi town just within ten minutes drive, the site relies on the support of donors, friends and well wishers. The site receives about 8000 visitors in a year.

There are also other memorial sites about the genocide within Rwanda and this are; Ntarama genocide memorial center, Nyamata, Nyarubuye, Murambi memorial center and Bisesero memorial site

There are a number of places where you can sleep while at Kigali, tourists should book with hotels in advance they range from luxurious, mid range and budget accommodation units where you can choose from.

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