Nyamirundi ​Island is situated near the town of Gisenyi at the western province in Rwanda. This is an ideal place for coffee lovers as you enjoy and taste the Rwandan delicious coffeeplus learning  how coffee is planted and processed, a part from enjoying the coffee the place has got panoramic views of farm plantations displayed majestically sloping perched with banana plantations.

Nyamirundi Island

Nyamirundi Island is also a place for tea plantains one of the world’s favorite drink and the largest export of Rwanda, the islands terrain elevation is 1,461 meters above sea level, tourists must always plan their itinerary with tour operators if they would love to visit the farms because farmers don’t organize this tours.

The Ingoboka coffee plantation representatives are very warm welcoming and willing to interact with visitors about the coffee growing process, having lunch at Gisenyi with this representative would be the best choice you make.

Nyamirundi Island can be accessed by a boat from Gisenyi to Nyamirundi Island this will expose you to the lakes great Flora and fauna, while at the island ensure that you visit the Rwandan cooperative plantation called Ingoboka. Ingoboka assists many Rwandan families with improving their living standards through coffee growth.

For tourists who would love to experience the coffee making process they can engage in the picking of coffee from the farms and take it to Gashashi where coffee is washed not only one wash but this involves twenty good steps before the coffee can be roasted on fire. The Rwandan coffee is one of the highly demanded worldwide.

Tourists make their safari more memorable by participating in a recreational activity mostly swimming at Lake Kivu, the lake does not have hippopotamus and free from Bilharzia contamination

Most people travel to Rwanda to view the famous mountain gorillas but combining a safari with visiting the coffee plantation will be the best you can do to make your stay in Rwanda remarkable, the splendid rolling hills have got proper soils that favor coffee growing.

Coffee is normally harvested during February to May but the rest of the months the farmlands remain beautiful, your visit to Nyamirundi can be combined with a visit to the Kinigi or the Congo Nile trail.

Cruising in Lake Kivu the sixth largest lake in Africa and the largest in Rwanda is very thrilling you can also buy coffees while at Nyamirundi Island and take home and enjoy while remembering your remarkable time in Rwanda.

Tourists can choose where to stay from a wide range of accommodation ranging from mid range, budget and luxurious units.

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