The rocks of Kamegeri have many different versions of stories, it’s situated in Ruhonga Rwanda ,the rock derives its name from a man known as Kamegeri who advised the then King of Rwanda that this place must become a place for punishing law breakers in the king’s kingdom. The locals call the rock “Urutare really Kamegeri” in their native language to mean the Rock of Kamegeri.

The Rock of Kamegeri

The rocks of Kamegeri to be a punishing ground for law breakers that would be killed through the heating of the rock with fire until it would become red hot and then people would be put here and tortured to death, suprisingly, the king welcomed the idea and passed the penalty for law breaking but the first person to be burnt here was Kamegeri himself.

The King who ruled during this time was Mwami (king) calledYuhi IV Gahindiro who ruled from 1746 to 1853, the Kamegeri idea came when a good and close friend of the king betrayed the king and was accessed of treason, Kamegeri was one of the king’s advisers hence one of those that brought their own ideas in suggestion of the king’s betrayers punishment.

Once the king heard Kamegeris idea he ordered that may it be done and the king’s servants wet and fetchedfirewood and lit the rock until it was glowing red hot and then asked that the traitor must be brought out in chains to be punished as he stood with Kamegeri, the rocks had heat so much that the guards who brought the victim could not get near it.

As the King and Kamegeri watched before the traitor was put to fire he asked that Kamegeri and the traitor should be tide together and put to fire to together how could he think of such a terrible way of punishing any human in this manner despite the crime. King Gahindiro was well known for not being violent and cruel.

Other stories say that the king who ruled during the burning of Kamegeri was known as Mibambwe Sekarongoro is said that the king ordered that Kamegeri must be burnt because of his brutal idea of punishment, the rock had no name until the day Kamegeri was burnt here.

From the day Kamegeri was burnt in this rocks the place is up to date called the rocks of Kamegeri, this site can be included in your itinerary while visiting Rwanda. The locals say that this rock is always warm no matter the weather so make sure you touch it in order to confirm if you visit here.

Today the rocks of Kamegeri have become a tourist attraction, they are just by the road side when heading to Nyanza , tourists can also take some photos at the site they are free of charge.

The rock of Kamegeri can accessed at Ruhango district it’s hard to get to the rock if your using a public means, some very good drivers can just help you stop by the rock for a few minutes if you passing this route. Tourists can also ask their tour operators to take them to the rock.

Getting to the rock of Kamegeri is free of charge at no cost the only budget you can have is organizing transport fares.

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