Jonazi chakwa bay is one of Tanzania’s striking national parks located at Zanzibar; the park covers an area of 50 kilometers squared boasting with over 100 tree species 43 from different families.  The  park is home to an endangered species is only found in Zanzibar and no where else known as Zanzibar red colobus and also home to over 59 species of birds. When you go on Tanzania safaris and tours, endeavor to add a visit to this park in Zanzibar right after or before your beach holiday.

Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park

Jonazi chakwa bay forest is said to be having the first hyrax species acclimatized to the forest, jonazichakwa bay national park is 35 kilometers south east of stone town. The Mangrove forests are breeding grounds for open sea fish species and breeding grounds for birds.

Jozani chakwa Bay national park is the only national park in Zanzibar Island, being a biodiversity hotspot it’s going to be declared as a world heritage site making it a great spot for affordable Tanzania holidays.

Activities at Chakwa bay national park

Jonazi chakwa bay national park doesn’t offer a lot of tourism activities but is worth visiting some of the things to do while on a tour at this park can be looked at below.

Game viewing: There is limited game in the park but never the less you will encounter some wildlife such as; giant elephants, the red Zanzibar colobus monkey, African civet, adder’s duiker and sykes monkey to mention a few tourists will also see different species of​chameleon. Dolphins, shark, tuna and Marlin are also often seen.

Bird watching: Jonazi national park boasts with over 80 species of birds both migratory birds from Europe and North Africa and residential birds that can easily be seen on the Mangrove forest, grasslands in at ocean shores. The best time for doing this activity is in the morning and evening hours.

Guided nature walks: A guided nature walk will expose tourists to nature at its best. The walk will make tourists come in contact with birdlife, primates, visit the Zanzibar museum and explore more the forest nature all trail takes about forty five minutes to explore.

Visit the people: The people living around the park have very rich cultural values you would love to learn about, interacting with the locals will open your eyes to African unspoilt culture, tourists can also acquire souvenirs to take back home for remembrance.

Jonazi national park can be reached from Zanzibar which is about 35 kilometers or tourists can take a bus from Paje town.  The best time to visit can be all year round but the most convenient time is in the dry season.

Jonazi national park offers accommodation units such as beach view chakwa resort and maars resort among the rest that will give you a comfortable treat during your stay.

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