Mkomazi national park was established in 1951 as a game reserve and re established as  a national park  in 2008 it’s also one  of the most remote national parks in Tanzania, the park covers an area of 3,500 kilometers squared and one of the most spectacular in the northern circuit of Tanzania. Mkomazi national park derived it’s name from an ethnic language of the “ Parepeople” the name of the park is a combination of two words “Mko” and Mazi” Mkois a name of  a small spoon being used by the Pare people when eating and Mazi to mean water.

Mkomazi National Park

Mkomazi national back is set on the ancient baobab trees, thika bush and rocky hills with striking views of Usambara, Pare mountains and the magnificent mount Kilimanjaro from afar off. The park boarders Kenya’s Tsavo national park.

Mkomazi national park boasts with over 450 bird species, 78 species of mammals recorded with various other animals to make you have thrilling Tanzania holidays experience in the wilderness.

Mkomazi national park being close to Tsavo national park in Kenya attracts  large herds of elephants, Oryx, giraffes, gazelles, zebras, impalas, hartebeests, generuk, lesser kudu, lions, leopards and cheetahs to mention a few.

The animals about the vast plains can be viewed on a morning, afternoon or evening game drive, there are various game tracks tourists can enjoy the drive from. One unique thing about the park is that it’s so natural and un spoilt from it’s natural state. Tourists are recommended to use four wheel vehicles when visiting the park.

Mkomazi national park boasts with over 400 species of birds the best bird watching spots are at the Babus, Norbanda, Maore, Zange,Mbula and Dindira some of the birds are endemic to this area others are migratory birds from Europe and north Africa, some of the bird example are; Martial fish eagle, violet wood hoopoe, Guinea fowl, Friedman’s lark, European roller, Somalia Lon billed crombec and Shelley’s starling among others.

Mkomazi national park has got two outstanding picnic sites with breathtaking park views, this is the best way to relax at the park during a game drive especially in the afternoon with a park lunch meal. The sites are Dindira and Vitewini.

Mkomazi national park boat with four campsites of which two Dindira and Mbula are special and uniquely set up while the other two are public campsites of Maore and Zange providing dining, kitchen, bathroom and toilet facilities to make your stay comfortable.

For those who would love to make their safari more experimental, they can do so by booking for a hiking safari. He best hiking trail is through the Mbula Hill trail which takes about three to four hours the best time for hiking is in the morning or afternoon so that by evening your relaxing at your accommodation unit.

Tanzania is gifted with numerous ethnic groups of people who have different ways of living and life. Visiting the people is one of the best ways to explore Africa with very rich different cultures and also acquire souvenirs to take home for loved ones or remembrance.

A guided nature walk using Dindira walking trail will expose you to wildlife and bird species this usually take about three hours. It’s one of the best ways to enjoy your safari in Tanzania.

The best time for visiting Mkomazi national park is in the dry season when the grasslands are shorter and not thick making it have more clear views of the wildlife; this is from June to around January.

To access Mkomazi national park, tourists can use a car or a chattered flight then connect to the park through a tour operator vehicle or hired car. The park is 500 kilometers from the capital city of Dar es Salam via same town. 120 kilometers from Moshi, 155 kilometers from Kilimanjaro international airport and 200 kilometers from Arusha town. There are several scheduled chattered flights daily to the park from respective airports or airstrips.

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