Bokora Wildlife reserve also known as Bokora corridor wildlife reserve is situated in the Savannah plains of karamoja region in the north eastern part of Uganda, the Bokora ethnic group of the Karamojong live in the areas surrounding the reserve.

Bokora Wildlife Reserve

The Bokora Wildlife reserve was established in the year 1964, covering about 2056 kilometers squared off dry semi arid plains streaming with Wildlife.

Bokora Wildlife reserve also boasts with different bird species hence making it a birders paradise, the best places to do bird watching in the reserve is in the swamps within some of the birds to be are Ostriches which is the world’s largest bird can only be seen in the karamoja sub region of Uganda other birds are; white headed buffalo Weaver, yellow warbler, lemon dove, dusky turtle dove, this k billed honey guide, African hill babbler, grey cuckoo shrike, eastern bronze napped pigeon, alpine chat, Hartlaubsturaco, black throatedwattle eye, Jackson’s hornbill and mountain yellow warbler among others. One of the best swamps for birding activity is Loporokocho swamp where you can access many bird species.

Bokora corridor wildlife reserve is one of the best places to engage in game drives in the county, tourists can go for game drives and see animals such as the Roth child’s giraffe, leopards, Topis, lions, roan antelopes, gazelles, stripped hyenas, Ugandankobs, Oribis, buffalos, elands, gazelles, zebras, spotted hyenas, Reed bucks, Oryx, cheetahs and lesser kudu among the rest.

Tourists visiting Bokora corridor wildlife reserve can also visit the people, the Karamojong people are a nomadic group of people that have very unique ways of living and out standing cultural values. Tourists can engage in the day to day activities with the Karamojong like grazing cattle, milking and many more things to learn about the Karamojong.

A visit to Bokora Wildlife reserve can be combined with a safari to Pian Up wildlife reserve, Matheniko wildlife reserve, hiking to the top of mount Napak or mount moroto and finally visiting Kidepo valley national park for a thrilling wilderness ​experience in one of Africas best national parks.

Bokora Wildlife reserve provides tourists with camping grounds, though the Uganda Wildlife Authority plans to set up accommodation units in the reserve, tourists can also book with hotels in the nearby moroto town where you can find basic and comfortable accommodation units.

During the wet season, getting to the reserve will get harder and will require tourists to travel with four wheel drive vehicles. The best time to visit is in the drier seasons of June to September and from December to January.

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