Bugungu wildlife reserve is situated at the base of the rift valley escarpment west of Murchison falls national park in north western Uganda, the reserve is small conserving a habitat for various Wildlife in a seasonal wetland and vast Savannah grasslands.

Bugungu Wildlife Reserve

Bugungu wildlife reserve covers an area of 473 kilometers squared; the reserve was gazetted in 1968

Bugungu wildlife reserve boasts with various Wildlife and is one of the best places to go for game drives, tourists can come along animals such as; Reed bucks, leopards, buffalos, hippopotamus, warthogs, bush bucks, water bucks, Sitatunga antelopes, dik-dik, over 600 Ugandan Kobs, about 1200 Oribis plus primates like the black and white colobus monkeys, Olive baboons, L’Hoest monkey, vervet monkeys, patas monkeys and many more.

Bugungu wildlife reserve is also a birders destination endowed with various birds over 240 species recorded  both residential and migratory birds some of the birds to be seen here are; saddle billed stork, Abyssinian ground hornbill, the rare shoebill, dark chanting Goshawk, white browed sparrow Weaver, black billed bustard, black headed Gonolek, yellow throated greenbul, black headed batis, black billed wood dove, black billed barbet, swamp fly catcher, eastern grey plantain eaters, double toothed barbet, giant Kingfishers and the speckle breasted wood pecker to mention a few.

While at the Bugungu wildlife reserve tourists can also engage in guided nature walks and encounter the wilderness in the walking trails, there aslo picnic sites in the reserve where you can enjoy a packed lunch meal after the nature guides walk. Bugungu is one of the best places to go for one day safari excursions.

Tourists can also visit the local communities living with in the reserve and learn about people’s ways of live and get entertained with local traditional dancing groups as well as acquire hand made sovenirs to take back home for remembrance.

For a more wilderness experience, tourists can add visiting Murchison falls national park to their itinerary and encounter some of the Wildlife you would not seen at Queen Elizabeth national park and also see the world’s strongest waterfalls and many more things to be seen.

Bugungu wildlife reserve can be visited all year round but the best time to visit is in the dry season from June to September and from December to January when the vegetation is not thick and wildlife can easily be seen the wet season will require tourists travelling with a four wheel drive vehicles as the road s sometimes become impassable. The reserve is however open all year round.

Camping is availed at the reserve but tourists can go lodge in the lodges at Murchison falls national park such as; Chobe safari lodge, Paara lodge, Bwana tembo safari camp, shoebill campsite, Boomu women’s camp and many more. The accommodation sectors variety according to tourist’s budget.

Bugungu Wildlife reserve can be accessed through though Bulisa or Masindi districts.

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