The mighty devil’s cauldron is situated in Murchison falls national park in south western Uganda, the park is the oldest of Uganda’s conservation areas covering an area of 3,840 kilometers squared. The glamorous wide river Nile bisects the park squeezing on 6 meter widthgushing out thunderouslyto the 45 meterfall within the clefts of dramatic rocks forming the glorious devil’s cauldron below streaming to the splendid Lake Albert. The falls have also been known as Kabalega falls.

Murchison Falls

The devil’s cauldron offers overwhelming breathtaking views which are wonderingly magical to behold, Murchison falls is renowned for being the world most powerful waterfall, the river used to be streamlined with various wildlife to the base of the devil’s cauldron until in the 1960s when there were civil wars, rebel activity and heavy pooching in the area but ever since from late 80s Wildlife is recovering and you can now see the big five with Murchison falls national park.

The devil’s cauldron is a must visit while at Murchison falls national park and infact one the places you must visit before departing the earth, the joy of cruising in the world’s longest river leading to the 10-15 meters watch of it’s devil’s cauldron where you will sometimes see an outstanding rainbow formed. Along the way, you will be able to see some of the aquatic animals like crocodiles, hippopotamus and aquatic birds alike.

The famous river Nile on which the devil’s cauldron is found parades it’s waters to the far Mediterranean sea crossing about 10 countries, people from many ancient kingdoms have survived on it waters for millions of years. Photos take by the camera cannot comprehend the elegant beauty you can see physically. The falls have been termed as the most significant natural wonder on the river Nile.

The fascinating boat cruise to the devil’s cauldron takes about two to three hours, after observing the panoramic falls tourists can disembark and embark on a hiking safari to the top of the falls which will take about 45 minutes, tourists can also view the sister falls of Murchison known as Uhuru falls created in 1962 when the river flooded. There is an alternative way to get to the top of the falls through branching offMasindi- Paara  road which is 15 kilometers.

Murchison falls national park boasts with 76 mammal species and many other some animals some of which like giraffes can not be found in the famous Queen Elizabeth national park n western Uganda, the park is home to the big five animals, animals you can expect to see at Murchison falls are; lions, leopards, zebras, buffalos, elephants, warthogs, hyenas, various types of antelopes, bush pigs, Reed bucks, bush bucks and many more.

Murchison falls is also a birdersparadise with over 450 species of birds some of the birds are endemic to this area examples of birds at Murchison falls are; rare shoebill, blue napped mouse bird, silver bird, white eyed seedeater, spotted verreaux eagle owls, pels fishing owl, yellow throated leaf love, chestnut crowned sparrow Weaver, white billed night heron, grey cheeked crane, red winged grey warbler, long toed plover, Goliath heron and many others.

Murchison falls can be reached within 5-6 hours drive from Kampala,

There are a various accommodation units at Murchison falls national park ranging from camping, budget, mid range and some safari lodge, bwanatembo safari camp, Sambiya river lodge, Budongo eco lodge, Geo lodges shoebill campsite, Red chili rest camp, Kabalega wilderness Lodge, Yebo safari camp, Uwa campsite, Baker’s lodge,Chobe safari lodge, Fort Murchison lodge, Pakuba safari lodge and Nile safari lodge among the rest.

Murchison falls national park can be visited all year round but the best time is in the dry season when the grass is short and Wildlife can easily be seen but the devil’s cauldron can be visited any time.

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