The splendid Entebbe botanical gardens lies at the shores of one of the worlds fresh water lakes found in Uganda, the gardens are one of the beautiful places that welcome you to the wildlife in the county as their situated near Entebbe international airport.

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

The gardens are situated at the equator line and established in 1898, the annual rainfall received per year is 1623 mm. The gardens hold the Mileage world music festival every year in November with live music and lots of games to be enjoyed. The gardens cover an area of about 2 kilometers along the Lake Victoria shores.

For several years the botanical garden has acted as a platform for education, awareness, creation and scientific research purposes. The gardens are the best place to visit prior to living the country as their situated near the airport and also a perfect place for a weekend getaway.

There is aslo a nursery where visitors can buy ornamentals like cedars, Mediterranean Cypress, Canon ball tree, coconut palm, Indian Lilac, oil palm ad hoerscassia to mention a few.

The Entebbe botanical gardens are also a birds paradise where tourists can go for bird watching some of the birds you can find at the gardens include; Orange Weavers, Violets black Weavers, red chested sunbirds, marabou stork, verreauxowleagles, black headed heron, hammerkops, African open billed stork, long tailed Cormorant, pied Kingfishers, giant king fishers, yellow billed duck, swamp fly catcher, black headed gull, common squaco, black headed Gonolek and pratincoleto mention a few.

The botanical gardens are also an habitat for monkeys such as the black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys, red tailed monkeys and many more the spider webs are also another interesting factor with different types of spiders to be seen.

Tourists can get a nature guides walk at the rocky area near the magnificent lake and to the forest canopy with breath taking views while viewing more bird species and getting enchanted with the cool breeze.

Tourists visiting the botanical garden can come along with a packed launch to munch on the picnic areas and perhaps see tree squirrels and many more.

The Entebbe botanical gardens are also a favorite place for botanistsboasting with over 300 species of trees ranging from temperate zones, sub tropics and tropics.2000 pf the tree species in the garden are exclusive to Uganda.

The Entebbe botanical gardens also have a very good value to the community at large, the gardens contain over 120 plants used for making medicine. The gardens were also a place where a film titled Tarzan was acted in 1957.

The Botanical gardens can be accessed from Entebbe international airport within 5 minutes drive, the botanical garden are located 34 kilometers away from the capital city. The gardens are open every day from 9:00am east African time to 7:00pm.

Tourists visiting the botanical gardens can also combine their safari with going to the Uganda wildlife education center and see various bird species and animals that are conserved at this former thrilling zoo. While at the wildlife education center, you will have opportunities of seeing animals such as lions, leopards, hyenas, rhinos and many more that can be found in the Uganda national parks for a chimpanzee experience, tourists can visit Ngamba island on island on lake Victoria.

There are various accommodation units where tourists can sleep both in Entebbe town and Kampala, the accommodation will depend on the tourists budget ranging from budget, mid range and luxurious accommodation units. Some of the hotels are; Lake Victoria hotel,  Serena hotel, Pearl of Africa hotel t o mention a few.

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