The Uganda National Mosque commonly known as the Gaddafi Mosque is located at Kampala hill in the old Kampala area of Uganda. The construtetion started in the 1972with the information of the supreme concile during the regime Uganda was headed by President Idi Amin.

Gaddafi Mosque

By 1966 the mosque was on a standstill with no further construction until in 2001 when sheikh shaban Ramadhan Mubaje grew close to  the Libya leader Gaddafi  seeking for assistance to complete the building of the mosque some Gaddafi did  the work of the building commenced in 2004,mosque was completed in 2006 and it seats up to 15,000 worshipers.

After the completion of the mosque it was opened officially in June 2007 under the names of Gaddafi national Mosque, it’s the head office of the Uganda  Muslim Supreme council  and it was renamed the Uganda national  Mosque in 2013  after the death of colonel Gaddafi.

Gaddafi Mosque is the second biggest in Africa after King Hassan mosque in Casablanca Morocco, it’s a tow storied building with a mosque on the second floor well the offices of the supreme council are down

The Mosque offers scenic views of the Kampala city this making the mosque very famous attracting a number of tourists all over the world with the great architectural which is very unique and the interior décor which is very standard and stands out with beauty .there well trained security guards at the mosque who will make you feel at home as well as well trained guides who are fully informed about the mosque to take you through the history and the entire building of the mosque.





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