The Itanda falls are located about 27meters from Jinja city the largest city in the eastern region it’s a 45minute drive .The falls are along the River Nile in Jinja District, Itanda falls is an amazing hidden treasure with different activities that take place these include rafting, Kayaking, the Itanda falls has gained popularity after the disappearance of the Bujagali falls this after the new construction of the dam. Itanda falls is one of the wild sides River Nile unleashed.

Itanda Falls

When one is viewing the Itanda falls you will stand a chance to look out on the river, view the Itanda falls, as you hear the rushing waters of the roaring waters with more than three levels of rapids. The falls are spectacular with raft, kayaker this has to exercise some cautions traversing the rapids of Itanda falls.

Itanda falls although has not be discovered well thus leading to many of the overseas visitors not to come at the falls. Itanda falls is a Nile non-commercialized that has been there for May years. It is located and considered a sacred site, Jinja waterfalls such as the Itanda falls i9s one of the great reasons to enjoy and visit the lonely planet Jinja the home of River Nile. As you raft or kayak one is able to spot islands, a number of birds, trees, water, locals who consider the Itanda as scared site (a blessed place) where a number of those living near the Nile come for prayers at the trees surrounded such as in need of physical miracle.

Visit the Itanda falls for amazing activities to encounter on your trip.

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