The Karambi tombs also known as the royal tombs are situated south of Fort portal town in the western part of Uganda, this tomb belong to the royal family of Toro kingdom. The tombs are a burial ground for three Toro kings that are Kyebambe Kamurasi, Olumi Kaboyo II and Rukidi III.

Karambi Tombs

The Karambi tombs have got three respective houses of the tombs, and also keeps the royal regalia that were formerly used by each if the late kings, the tombs are a very important palace to the people of Toro kingdom one of the strongest king’s known as Abakama was also buried here. The graves of the princes and princesses are also laid just outside the tombs.

Toro Kingdom was established in the 19rh century when the son of the then Banyoro king Prince Kaboyo rebelled against his father King Kyebambe of Banyoro Kingdom. The royal regalia’s found here are; royal drums, Spears and shields among the rest of the things kept here.

The Karambi tombs also hold the historicalstories about the Toro kingdom, for tourists interested in cultural tours this is one of the best places to stop over and learn about Toro culture in the western part of Uganda. The Toro people have very unique cultural values and ways of leaving that are very interesting, tourists can also engage in the locals day to day activities to have a feeling of belonging in a real African homestead.

The Karambi tombs care takers are very warm welcoming and will grant visitors with permission to visit the tombs and also provide any information that you might need about the tombs. The Toro kingdom intends on improving on the facilities of the tombs as well as constructing the museum for tourism purposes this will help in generating more money to the Kingdom.

Tourists visiting the Karambi royal tombs can combine their safari by visiting the renowned Queen Elizabeth national park and views a lot of wild life and many bird species. Alternatively tourists can go for a gorilla trekking safari experience at the Mgahinga national park and trek the world’s endangered mountain gorillas.

For tourists looking for a thrilling cultural experience in Uganda, the Karambi​ tombs are one of the best places to visit in the country.

The Karambi tombs can be accessed 6 kilometers from Fort portal town which is about

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