Lake Albert is situated at the border of the Democratic republic of Congo and Uganda, the lake is in positioned in the Albertine region covering a surface of 5,300 kilometers squared, width of 30 kilometers and its length is 160 kilometers squared.

Lake Albert Uganda

The lake has also been called Albert Nyanza and Mobutu Sese Seko, the Mobutu Seko name was derived from the former Congolese president who temporary named the lake after himself in the 20th century.

The first European to visit Lake Albert was called Sir Samuel Baker who visited in 1864, the explorer Sir Samuel Baker was looking for the source of the Nile he named the lake Albert Nyanza after Queen Victoria’s consort naming it after the diseased prince Albert. Lake Albert stands as the world’s twenty seventh largest lake and boasts as Africa’s seventh largest lake.

The water of lake Albert is alkaline due to high evaporation caused by the climate in the region, the lake boats with a variety of animals in the northern shores near Murchison falls national park and a variety of birds some are endemic to this area.

The main water sources of Lake Albert are river semiliki streaming from Lake Edward and the mighty victory Nile from Lake Victoria, the lakes surface elevation is said to be 619 meters above sea level. The Albert Nile outlets the water from Lake Albert to further north up to the red Sea crossing many nations.

In the past there used to be many species of fish in Lake Albert but this have currently been reduced due to over fishing and use of poor fishing methods by the locals who have depended on the lake since the past years ago. The lake received an annual rainfall of 864-1,016 mm and the temperatures range from 26°C.

There are also to activities to do while visiting Lake Albert in Uganda some this can be seen below:

Game driving can be done on the semiliki plains or tourists can opt to enter into Murchison falls national park some of the animals that can be seen here are; elephants, buffalos, antelope plus aquatic animals like crocodiles and hippopotamus.

Sports fishing can be done in Lake Albert, tourists will require to obtain a fishing permit before fishing in the designated areas of the lake there are various fish species in Lake Albert that will make your fishing more fun tourists can also take the fish caught to be prepared in their respective lodges.

The lake is a good place for sight seeing it has got breathtaking views the lakeshores can be explored while enjoying the cool breeze.

Boat cruising can be done at the lake with views of aquatic animals and various bird species plus good views of the lakes Flora and fauna.

Lake Albert boasts with a barrel oil field which is said to be the largest in the sub Saharan region, earlier on the on the British colonialists carried out fishing on he lake to connect east Africa to Egypt and south Africa as part of the railway network.

Tourists can sleep in various accommodation units such as Lake Albert lodge and many more including camping. The accommodation units range from budget, mid range and luxurious.

Lake Albert can be reached from Kampala it’s about 260 kilometers from the city It can also be visited all year round and one of the best places for a weekend getaway with a stop over at the Ziwa think sanctuary camp.

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