Lake Kyoga is positioned in the central part of Uganda covering an area of 1,720 kilometers squared; the extensions of the lake include Lake Opeta, lake Kwania and Lake Bugondo. Lake Kyoga is very shallow with a depth of about 3-5 meters deep. The lake is characterized by papyrus reeds, water lilies and swamps.

Lake Kyoga

Lake Kyoga stands on an elevation of 1,033 meters above sea level and stretches about 129 kilometers long. The mighty Victoria Nile stretches all the way from Lake Victoria pouring its water into the magnificent lake Kyoga. The Albert Nile continues to cross about ten countries before pouring into the ancient red Sea.

Lake Kyoga is part of the great lakes system; its main source is Victoria Nile and streams running from mountain Elgon at the Eastern boarder of Uganda.

Lake Kyoga flooded  up to over 500 kilometers from the lake due to the high water levels that rose as a result of blockage of the Nile by the water hyacinth, papyrus and swamps the main cause of the flooding was the El Nino rains of 1997-1998 this caused loss of lives, property and displacement of many residents.

Fishing can be done by tourists visiting Lake Kyoga the lake boasts with over 46 species of fish, fishing is to be done at the designated area with a fishing permit and endeavor to come along with your fishing gear if you would love to get involved in this recreational activity. The year 1950 saw the introduction of the Nile perches in the lake.

Boat cruising can also be enjoyed on the lake with scenic views and bird watching plus seeing aquatic animals such as crocodiles that are numerous in the lake.

Tourists can also go for a cultural experience by visiting the people in the fishing villages and learn about their ways of living and how they survive on fishing, there are also traditional handmade crafts tourists can acquire and take back home for remembrance or to their loved ones. Tourists can also visit the Nyero rock painting site of the ancient rocks.

A part from fishing, tourists can visit the fishing landing sites this are the busiest points in the lake this sites are; Kikaragenye landing site, Namasale landing site, Lwampanga landing site, Kikoyiro landing site, Kibuye landing site, Kisonye landing site and Moone landing site. Tourist can see fish being offloaded from boats and the whole process of sun drying before they take to the market.

Lake Kyoga is also endowed with various species of birds that can be seen from the lake shores most of this are aquatic birds some are residential while others are migratory birds. One of the endangered species is only found in Lake Kyoga and nowhere else in Uganda this is the Fox Weaver bird.

The magnificent lake is also a good place to cool off the afternoon heat by swimming in its shallow waters; tourists can come up with their own fishing gears or hire swimming gears to enjoy this recreational activity.

Lake Kyoga can be reached from Kampala to Soroti in eastern Uganda then take a trip via Lale road; alternatively tourists can cross a boat from Nakasongola to Namasale.

There are various accommodation units where tourists can lodge in ranging from budget, mid range and luxurious accommodation you can choose from.

Tourists visiting Lake Kyoga can combine their safari with Murchison falls for a more wilderness experience.

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