Mount Gahinga is one of the volcanic mountains in the Virunga ranges boardering Rwanda and Uganda. The mountain name is derived from a name given by the local people in Rufumbira/Kinyarwanda to mean “small piles of stones”, this name was given due many piles of stones on the mountain slope farmlands. The​magnificent mountain boasts with a swamp caldera of 180 meters wide.

Mount Gahinga

Mount Gahinga is one of the most easily climbed mountain on the virunga massive. It is best for tourists suffering from vertigo. The mountain is covered by Bamboo forests that offer breath taking views of afro mountain vegetation.

The mountain is 3,374 meters above sea level, climbing mount Gahinga always takes about 6-7 hours depending in the hiker’s fitness. This mountain is found in Mgahinga national park in Uganda.

Gorilla trekking is one of the main activities at mount Gahinga, once tourists have seen the gorillas they are allowed about one hour of having uninterrupted views. Tourists with infections like flu and others will not be allowed to go for trekking.

Mount Gahinga offers great opportunities of seeing golden monkeys and other primates like vervet monkeys, blue monkeys, white and black colobus monkeys, Olive baboons and many more.

There are also several bird species and about 300 species have been recorded, birds such as Grey parrot s, African skimmer, sunbirds, Greek chested nut, eagles and many others this makes Gahinga one of the best to combine gorilla trekking with birding in the virunga ranges.

A part from encountering nature, tourists can visit the renowned Batwa people know for their short status and used to survive by hunting in the Gahinga forests, here you can hear some of their stories on how they used to survive and different myths they have about the forest. You can also get entertained with local traditional dancers and never forget to buy sovenirs to take back home for remembrance.

Tourists can make their safari more memorable by visiting the renowned Queen Elizabeth national park in Uganda famous for it’s tree climbing lions, you will have great game rides or opt for hot air balloon and see animals such as; lions, leopards, hyenas, bush bucks, warthogs, water bucks, hippopotamus and many more. You will also have great birding opportunities the park boasts with over 500 bird species.

Tourists visiting Gahinga can find well established accommodation units offering quality service and good stay some of the lodges where to sleep are; Virunga hotel, Travellers rest camp, Gahinga lodge, volcanoes mount Gahinga lodge and many more.

Mount Gahinga can be reached from Kampala or Kigali by road or air transport.

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