Entebbe is the gate way to Uganda tourism, it’s  a place where visitors first land in the country, the word Entebbe is derived from the local word Kateebe to mean seats, it’s one of the chair like rock where Mugula Bukulu Bwawada one​ o the ganda chiefs used to sit during the 19th century to hold his court.

Muzinga Square Park Entebbe

It was founded as a military post and principle port to the country founded by Sir Gerald portal in 1893, before the capital city was transferred to Kampala it was mad a capital city in 1903 but the city was later transferred to Kampala.

The Muzinga​word is derived from a local word to mean “Canon” it’s a historical attraction in Entebbe town, is said that the Tanzanian troops left the Canon behind when they were uprising on the former Ugandan president Idi Amin Dada.

Its said that the Tanzanian troops wanted to blow the Entebbe municipal council building but we’re disappointed by the Ugandan gunfire who feared they might be defeated and they abandoned the plan hence abandoning their Canon on the spot which is still their up to today.

The Muzinga square Park is an amusement park and a place where you can relax more so when traveling with children before living the country, the place has got statues of two wilding soldiers pointing to the direction of the Entebbemunicipal council building assumed to be staring down visitors to the recreational park.

The park provides breath taking views of Entebbe town with recreational activities, it over looks the beautiful sceneries of the town it’s easily accessible by foreign tourists as it’s position near the airport’s also said that president Idi Amin Dada dropped a pin in lake Victoria that would make the gun to work again.

The Canon is one of the symbols representing Entebbe town and a symbol of milestone in Entebbe town, the town has got humid tropical temperatures of about 250C and 270C degrees.

Entebbe town is called the gate way to Uganda’s tourism because of a lot of tourists’ attractions some of the attractions in Entebbe town are;

Uganda wildlife education center

The Uganda wildlife education center is found in Entebbe town, it was formally known as Entebbe zoo it used to act as an ophanage for wildlife captures from poachers who wanted to trade them as pets in outside countries. The center has got a lot of Wildlife and birds to be seen some of the animals are; lions leopards, hyenas, rhinos and many more plus different bird species.

Ngamba Island

The Ngamba Island is found in Lake Victoria it’s the best place to go see Chimpanzees when you don’t have time to go far for Chimpanzee trekking in western Uganda. Tourists can also have a chance of feeding Chimpanzees during their eating time.

Ssese islands

The magnificent Ssese islands is one of the best places to go for a weekend getaway and enjoy the cool breeze of lake Vitoria away  from the noisy cities , there are a lot of recreational activitiesthat can be done like boat rides, fishing and swimming among the rest.

Entebbe town can be accessed from Kampala in about an hour of forty minutes drive depending on the jam, it’s approximately 37 kilometers from Kampala.

There are several accommodation units in Entebbe town such as Lake Victoria hotel where to sleep will depend on tourists choice and budget.

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