The Narus valley of Kidepo national park is situated in Karamoja region in the north eastern part of the country, it’s got a lot of dry country species that can not be found elsewhere in the country, the Narus valley is situated in one of the best sceneries of east African national parks.

Narus Valley of Kidepo

The Kidepo national valley was gazetted as a national park in 1962 after being established as a national reserve in 1958. Narus valley has got high concentration of animals due to availability of water so most of the game trucks are found here; the good observation places are at the Narus dam and the water hole close to the tourism center. The valley contains of four loop circuits.

The Primarygrasses of Narus valley are Guinea grass, fine thatching grass and red oat grass. Common tress is desert dates, drumstick trees, buffalo’s thorn trees, sausage trees and red thorn acacias among the rest

Narus valley plains are very rich with wildlife some of the animals you can see while on a game drive are; large herds of buffalos, elephants, kudus, elephants, Oryx, bat eared Fox, hyenas,cheetahs, zebras, giraffe, bush bucks, water bucks, lions, Kobs, bush babies, black and white side stripped jackals, Chandler’s mountain reed bucks, caracal, kipslinger and many more

The Narus river bisecting the park makes it a great place for wildlife in the semi desert area, mammals are said to be 86 species recorded and 28 of which can not be found else where in the country.

The Narus valley is also endowed with over 500 bird species more especially on the river banks, some of the birds to be seen here are; Carmine, secretary bird, ostrich, Kori bustard, Abyssinian ground hornbill, yellow billed hornbill, Karamoja apalis, black breasted barbet, silver shrike, Nubian woodpecker, Vivacious bird, Hoopoe, scarlet chested sun bird, white bellied go away bird, singing bush lark and little Weaver to mention a few.

Apart from getting entangled in the Narus valley, tourists can visit the people, the Karamojong have very unique cultural values related to the Masai of Kenya and Tanzania, this nomadic pastoralist have a lotto show case about their culture. Tourists can also acquire hand made traditional crafts from the locals and take back home for remembrance.

Tourists visiting Narus valley can also go on a hiking experience to the morungole mountain ranges on foot with an experienced guide, the mountains provide exclusive views of the Narus valley plains and breath taking land scapes. The mountain stands on 2,750 meters above sea level. Lomej hills also provide great hiking opportunities.

Tourists can also visit the hot springs on the south Sudanese border this kanangorok hot springs are located 11 kilometers past the Kidepo river, it’s a good place to relax and chill while Boeing the magnificent mountain ranges.

The climate at Kidepo valley makes it accessible throughout the year but the best time is in the dry season when animals are more concentrated on the water sources

While visiting Narus valley tourists can find accommodation within the park that is Apoka rest camp, Apoka lodge. When sleeping at Spokane rest camp tourists can come along with their cooking utensils to cook their own food but food can be prepared for you in advance.

Kidepo valley national park can be accessed 700 kilometers from Kampala by road via Gulu and Kitgum or via Soroti and Moroto the journey always takes about 12 hour’s time but is worth visiting and make sure you travel with a four wheel drive car.

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