For a thrilling cultural safari and traditional dance fantasy, the best place to visit in Uganda is the Ndere cultural troupe. This cultural group performs dances from all parts of the country you would need to travel to that particular area to enjoy their dances.

Ndere Cultural Troupe

The word Ndere is derived from a local word to mean “Flute” so to mean Flute troupe, the flute was chosen as a symbol of beauty because it can produce very beautiful sounds used to express different moods, it was also chosen as a symbol of universal unity because it’s mostly used by different communities in the world and it’s among their musical instruments.

Ndere cultural troupe dances are exclusive African they use local dancing instruments like drums, cultural wears and many more during performances. The troupe base way out is situated in Ntinda with a seven hundred seat amphitheaterincluding a guest house and bar.

The Ndere cultural troupe was founded by Rwangyezi Stephen as a cultural organization in 1986 for universal unity through music, dance and drama. The troupe is among the over 1600 Uganda development theatre association groups entertaining g and educating people through music, dance and drama.

The Ndere cultural troupe promotes the traditional skills of different parts of Uganda and their cultural values using dances, music and oral history. The Ndere cultural troupe also hosts bi annually grand festival proving members a plat form for national and international exchange.

While being entangles in traditional dances, tourists can get some snacks and enjoy or order for local traditional food from the restaurant. The troupe organizes workshops and trainings for its members at its center and other places in the country.

The Ndere troupe performers’ aslo entertain people at the anniversaries, dinners, weddings, launches, conferences, state functions and opening ceremonies. The center is sponsored by the Austrian development agency and also organize more shows during festive seasons.

The Ndere cultural troupe also traditional dance classes so those interested in learning several dances and enroll and learn how to dance

The cultural group is a multi- award winning with high quality performances that have been recognized world  each performance is unforgettable with memories that will remain lingering in your head while you go back home to your country.

There is a guest house within the premises but tourists can also get with in the Kampala city center. Hotels like Serena hotel, pearl of Africa hotel and hotel Africans to mention a few.

Shows at the Ndere cultural troupe normally take place on Sundays from 6pm to 9pm, afro jazz performance every Friday from 7pm to 9pm and story telling every Wednesdays.

The troupe is situated in Ntinda a sub hub in Kampala just in Kira road, its 2 kilometers away from the Ntinda center a few minutes drive from Kampala.

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