The Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary is located on an island in Lake Victoria harboring orphaned chimpanzees that were rescued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority and other concerned organizations like wildlife conservation trust, many of the chimpanzees here were rescued from poachers and smugglers that wanted to use chimps for pet trade and are likely to be reintroduced to the wilderness.

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba island covers 100 acres of forested land harboring about 40 chimpanzees in there natural environment offering opportunities for tourists to observe the endangered animals. The chimpanzee orphanage was established in 1997, the reserve is now a plat from for educating foreign tourits and the locals about chimpanzees.

Ngamba Island is mainly forested with patches of grasslands the northern part of the island stands on an elevation of 3800 meters above sea level, the island was formerly occupied by the local fishing communities. There are various trails that have been set up for a chimpanzee trekkingexperience.

The chimpanzees are separated from humans by an electric fence, the chimpanzees are always feed twice a day at 11:00 and 2:30 pm east African time they come alone from the forest and go back to wander in the wilderness till the next meal. During feeding time, visitors can view and observe chimpanzees on raised platforms.

A part from the Chimpanzees experience tourists can also enjoy a sunset boat ride at the magnificent lake Victoria and enjoys sun rays in the cool breeze of the lake. There are also other wildlife to be seen such as monitor lizards, bats and many of aquatic birds like Kingfishers.

Tourists can also engage in other recreational activities like fishing in one of the worlds fresh water lakes and catch the Nile perch to can feast on a delicious dinner. Tourists are advised to come with their fishing gears.

At Ngamba island tourists not only have chances of viewing chimpanzees but can also act as care givers, this will involve tourists preparing and feeding Chimpanzees at their feeding hours. You can also get involved with other research members and participate in monitoring and medical check ups this is so interesting.

Chimpanzees at Ngamba Island are distinctive each with their own characters and history that an experienced knowledgeable guide will take you through all the questions you might need to ask.

Tourists can combine their visit to Ngamba Island with visiting the Uganda Wildlife education center for a more wildlife encounter.

Tourists at Ngamba Island can also visit the fishing villages and interact with the locals how they have survived on fishing activity and know about their various ways of lives or tourists can even go for swimming or just relax and behold the beauty of pearl of Africa.

Ngamba Island can be reached from Entebbe two by boat it’s approximately 23 kilometers south east of the town, different boats are available at different prices depending on groups of people travelling though it’s cheaper to go in a group. Rime taken to reach Ngamba Island will depend on the speed of the boat hired. Reservations can be made from Ngamba island offices.

Accommodation at Ngamba Island is based on camping reservations can be made for a full board tour with speed boat transport to and fro.

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