The royal Nkokonjeru tombs are situated in Kaakika in Mbarara- district of western Uganda; the tombs are an important place to the Banyankole people. At the Nkokonjeru royal tombs you will find the remains of two kings of Ankole that is King (Omugabe) Sir Charles Godfrey Rutahaba Gashyonga II who died in 1982. And King (Omugabe) Edward Solomon Kahaya II who died in 1944.

Nkokonjeru Tombs

There are also other eight graves which are minor, a number of cultural rites and values are normally performed in the site, it’s an important historical site to the people of Ankole kingdom, King Sir Charles Godfrey Rutahaba Gashyonga is said to have ruled the kingdom for twenty three years.

During the time when Dr Apollo Milton Obote was president of Uganda, he abolished Kingdoms on the 17th of September in 1967 but kingdoms were reinstituted by his Excellency President Yoweri Kagutta Museveni when he came to power but unfortunately the Ankole Kingdom wasn’t one of those kingdoms. Of the Ankole Kingdom is not restored within a few years the tombs are likely to vanish in it’s history.

One unfortunate thing about the land is that it was sold to some private developers, it’s claimed that the late Prince John Barigye was involved in the selling of this land but other royal officials have no idea what happened to the land. But other royal say it was grabbed by some mysterious people up to date

The late Prince John Barigye is said to have sold the land because he was denied coronation before he died and that depressed him, he was know as a king who never sat on his throne. The site has been deserted for years except cattle grazers who encroach it with their cattle.

A part from visiting the royal tombs, tourists can get entangles with the rich culture of Ankole people know for their long horned cows. Visiting the people will expose you to a cultural safari experience tourists can get involved in their day today activities like grazing of cattle and milking and also get entertained with local traditional songs at cultural centers with a lot of hand crafts sovenirs to take back home for remembrance.

Uganda is also endowed with wildlife and it’s a birders paradise tourists can visit any of the national parks like Semliki national park or queen Elizabeth for a wildlife experience some of the birds and endemic to this particular areas and a lot of wildlife you may not be able to see else where in Africa.

The Nkokonjeru tombs can be accessed 3 kilometers out of Mbarara- town. You can use private or public means from Kampala to Mbarara- via Mbarara-Masaka road.

While visiting Nkokonjeru tombs, tourists can sleep in various hotels and lodges in Mbarara- town they range from budget mid range and luxurious hotels with very warm welcoming staffs and comfortable rooms.

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