Semiliki Wildlife reserve is situated in Kabarole district of western Uganda I was mainly gazetted to protect numerous Ugandan Kobs in the area, it covers and area of 542 kilometers squared.

Semuliki Wildlife Reserve

Semiliki wildlife reserve was established in 1926 and was earlier known as Toro-Semiliki game reserve. The reserve is characterized by Savannah grasslands, acacia woodlands, riparian woodlands, swamps and palm forests, the reserve is positioned in a valley overlooking the dramatic western arm rift valley escarpment and spectacular views of the majestic Rwenzori Mountains also known as “mountains of the moon”.

Semiliki Wildlife reserve is at an altitude of 700 meters below sea level, Indiana researchers have been studying Murugiri forest this particular elephants are inter breeded from Savannah and forest elephants.

Semiliki wildlife reserve also provides great game driving opportunities to tourists with different gaming tracks where you can view animals like forest elephants, Ugandan Kobs, bush babies, antelopes, bush bucks, water bucks, leopards, buffalos, giant forest hogs, and primates like Olive baboon, white and black colobus monkey, vervet monkey and chimpanzees can be seen occasionally.Semiliki wildlife reserve also organizes night game drives where tourists can come along nocturnal animals.

Whole at Semiliki wildlife reserve, tourists can take a boat ride at the Semiliki river, the boat cruise will get better with a packed lunch as you enjoy watching aquatic birds, boat cruising can also be done at lake Albert and it will require organizing advance.

Guided nature walks can also be taken at Semiliki Wildlife reserve as you encounter different bird species, primates and other animals, nature guided walks always take about three hours of exploring the wilderness on its natural state.

Hiking at Semilikiwild life reserve can be done at NyabarongoGorge is very thrilling especially to bird enthusiasts, the gorge is about 7 kilometers, tourists can also come across other primates like black and white colobus monkeys, vervet monkeys and many more.

Tourists at Semiliki wildlife reserve can also encounter African culture by visiting the people; there are over four communities of people living around the Semiliki wildlife reserve with many different cultural values and traditions. There are of activities like traditional dances that tourists can get involved in and get entertained by the locals.

Semiliki Wildlife reserve is birders paradises, bird enthusiasts can go for bird watching in the semiliki plains gifted with over 420 species of birds some of the birds found in Semiliki are endemic to this area and can not be seen in other Ugandan game reserves. Examples of some of the birds in the reserve are; Abyssinian ground hornbill, the rare shoebill, white winged night jar, blue cheeked bee eater, African pygmy goose and blue headed coucal, Arrow marked babbler, black headed bush shrike, Ludhersbush shrike, tropical boubal, rednecked falcon,  and black billed barbet among the rest.

There are various places where to stay while at Semiliki wildlife reserve some of the lodges are; Ntoroko game lodge,Semiliki lodge many more.

Semiliki Wildlife reserve can be accessed with two routes, Kampala-Fort portal via Masaka-Mbarara the -Kasese which is 465 kilometers and Kampala-Fort portal via Mubende which is about 290 kilometers. The reserve is about 28 kilometers.

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