The Twin Rivers were born to a mother who was known as Nakkungu Tebatuusa on her way to a place called Kavuma Bukunja, the Bwanda twin is said to have flowed towards the mother’s village in the east and Sezibwa flowed to the west. River Sezibwa is believed to have been active spirituallythat’s why the spirits such as Nalongo Kkubo helped it overcome the obstacles along the way. Nalongo’s spirt took a form of a snake and established its home with the rock caves. The late Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda kingdom based on the Sezibwa falls to elect chiefs in 1884.

Sezibwa Falls

The Sezibwa twin that flowed to the west passed through many hardships on the way but due to it’s determination it said no obstacle can stop me from movingto mean “Sezibwa kkubo” hence the orgin of it’s name Sezibwa falls from the Sezibwa river. Sezibwa is now a place where many locals come for traditional healing and also obtain blessings. There is an Olive tree that’s still standing to date built by Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda kingdom.

Ssezibwa falls inflows are from the wetlands within lake Victoria and lake Kyoga . The falls are about 7 meters high providing outstanding scenery. Though the place has been used for traditional practices it has been transformed into a destination for nature lovers, bird enthusiasts and research projects are also carried out here.

Sezibwa falls also contains a shrine site where you can find some traditional elements used in m consulting spirits this are; calabashes, cowrieshells, bark clothe, pots, coffee beans and Spears among many. A part from being a cultural heritage site, Sezibwa falls provides other tourist related activities hat can be seen below;

There is a public campsite a few meters away from the water falls with basic facilities you will need for the night, continental meals are provided from the restaurant and the well stocked bar will give you a variety of drinks to choose from hard and soft drinks available.

Sezibwa falls is endowed with over 150 species of birds, this makes it a birders paradise where bird enthusiasts can go for a one day birding tour. Some of the birds found in Sezibwa falls are; woodland Kingfishers, snake birds, Olive birds, Cormorants birds, parrots, lesser stripped swallows, blackMankins, white Mankins, red eyed dove, white throated bee eater, white chested nigro Finch, great blue turaco, red chested cuckoo and warblers to mention a few.

The surrounding area of Sezibwa falls is home to some wild animals such as; horned adder, snakes, red tailed monkeys, cobras, skinks andgreen mambas among the rest.

Tourists can also hike up to the falls and cross the splendid waters before cascading into a seven meter fall, tourists can engage into swimming in the falls with jumping off the cliff on top of the falls to the stream down this makes your visit more interesting.

It is advisable that tourists come with their own packed foods and picnic within the rocks or by the riverside listening the chattering of the birds and whispers of the falls. Tourists can also take nature walks to tea ad sugar plantations.

A part from the healing provided by the traditional healers through the spirits, there are other natural trees that are used for treating many diseases such as the fig tree that treats toothache, the Africanacurrip tree used to treat stomach upsets and skin rashes, the wild Olive tree is used for treating soar throat.

Sezibwa falls can be reached from Kampala 32 kilometers, it’s situated on the Kampala-Jinja road highway about 2 kilometers of the main road, and it’s the best stop over destination for tourists travelling to the eastern parts of Uganda.

Sezibwa falls can be visited all year round however during the dry season tourists will have to come with a four wheel drive car due to the road from Kayanjja village to the falls which is underdeveloped and muddy.

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