The Uganda reptile village harbors over 50 reptiles in total and over 20 reptile species, it’s situated in a place called Abaita- ababiri along Kampala-Entebbe highway. The village was established by Yasin Kazibwe in the year 2002, he is said to have relocated over 38 snakes to the habitat between the year 2002 and 2008.

Uganda Reptile Village

Yasin Kazibwe also published a book titled “snake bite” plus other reptile documentaries. Thought he had know much knowledge and training about reptiles he was passionate about saving this particular wildlife he worked hard and cleared the bushes and built pens for this reptiles. Yasin Kazibwe was a former speed boat captain.

Yasin Kazibwe was formerly known as snake man by his peers and family he disagrees with the saying that snakes or other reptiles are bad, he was later on given approval to register the reptile village as a project under government community based poverty eradication project.

The main aim of establishing the reptile village was to educate the community about the importance of wildlife and that wildlife should be preserve for future generations. Today there are different reptiles species to be seen at the reptile village some of this include; Baboon viper, tortoises and today the Uganda reptile village is flooded with people who would love to see the reptiles, animal researchers, students and it’s the first haven for conservation of reptiles in the country. There is a donation box at the reptile village where well wishers can deposit money to contribute to the operational costs.

Kazibwe Yasin uses the money for improving the animals. Sanctuary in order to meet the expectations and standards of the Uganda Wildlife Authority. The founder of the reptile village also relised a song titled Mutabanii this was intended to educate people about reptiles and also encourage the locals not to fear snakes or treat them as bad omens.

At the Uganda reptile village, you will find Africas most dangerous snake as well as a less poisonous snake known as the egg eater there are also a number of chameleons in the reptile village including a three horned chameleonand many other types.

More a more thrilling safari experience after visiting the reptile village, tourists can go visit the Uganda Wildlife education center formerly known as Entebbe zoo located in Entebbe town. The Wildlife education center has got many animals show casing Uganda wildlife some of the animals here are; giraffes, rhinos, leopards, lions, hyenas and many more including different bird species. Tourists can also visit the Ngamba Island in Lake Victoria for a Chimpanzee experience.

The Uganda reptile village can be accessed 4 kilometers off the Kampala-Entebbe highway, tourists can use public transport or hire up a taxi from Entebbe town or Kampala. The entry is very affordable and tourists who would love to join the conservation can donate in the box within the reptile village. The reptile village is approximately 20 minutes drive from Entebbe town.

There are various accommodation units where tourists can sleep in when visiting the reptile village or other tourists’ attractions within Kampala or Entebbe. The accommodation sectors vary from budget, mid range and luxurious accommodation.

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