The Uganda Wildlife education center is situated in Entebbe town found just a few kilometers from Kampala, the main aim of establishing the Uganda Wildlife Authority was for conservation of Wildlife and educating the public about the conservation of Wildlife in Uganda.

Uganda Wildlife Education Center

The Uganda Wildlife education​was established in 1952as a reception center; it was a reception center for animals which were orphaned, sick, confiscated from illegal trade or injured. It was opened by the British colonialist’s government in the year 1962 the center was transformed into a national zoo. Most of the zoo animals that are now extinct are left in the zoo for study purposes while others are relished to the wild after rehabilitation.

The Zoo was made a Uganda Wildlife education center on the 5th of May 1994 under the ministry of tourism and Wildlife that has greatly done a good job in improving I facilities and structures for sustainable tourism and conservation of wildlife though educating the locals the importance of wildlife.

The Uganda Wildlife education center is rich in biodiversity covering grasslands, wetlands and forests endowed with different conserved wildlife, over 250 species of birds and 509 plant species and many more, the education center covers 51 kilometers squared.

For tourists on a rash and can’t have time to visit all the national parks in Uganda , the Uganda Wildlife education center is the place to go and encounter most of what Uganda has got in the wild including a chimpanzee and birding experience.

The Uganda Wildlife education center is also a scientific research field for Ugandans and foreigners alike.

During the reign of Amin when there was political turmoil in the country, there was loss of many wild animals and destruction the wildlife property, it was until in the 1990 when a new York zoological society did a developmental study and commended hat the Zoo be turned into an a tourism and public educational site.

There are various animals that can be seen at the zoo some of which are; lions, leopards, giraffes, elands, zebras, ostriches, antelopes, chimpanzees, snakes, monkeys and many more tourists can encounter some of the wildlife you might not see while on a safari to some national parks.

The Uganda Wildlife education center is also birders paradise where bird enthusiasts can go and watch various species of birds very closely especially the worlds biggest bird Ostrich that can only be found in Kidepo valley national park and Pian Up game reserve found in the far north east of the country.

The Uganda Wildlife education center is a very convenient place to go for a one day or week tour it children, the kids have a play ground where they can have fun from after viewing Wildlife.

There is an on-site restaurant at the lake side offering mouth watering continental meals where tourists can relax and enjoy lunch from, the bar is also well stocked with a variety of both soft and hard drinks available.

Tourists can also visit other attractions in Entebbe like the Zika forest, ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary and many more other attractions.

The entrance fee to the Uganda Wildlife education center is very affordable for both the locals and foreign visitors, a national identity card will be required prior to arrival.

Uganda Wildlife education center can be reached from Kampala city which is about 30 kilometers it’s also very near Entebbeinternational airport, the time to drive to the museum will always depend on the traffic jam.

There are many accommodation options of where to stay while at Entebbe town, tourists can choose from a wide range of budget, mid range and luxurious accommodation units such as Lake Victoria Serena hotel.

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