Uganda was dabbed pearl of Africa by Winston Churchill and it still bears the name up to date, it’s a country of countless encounters all year round and its also among the three countries in the world where you can trek the endangered mountain gorillas.

Best Time to See Gorillas in Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country located on the equator, so the temperatures and the rainfalls are moderate all year round though its got the vest seasons for gorilla trekking activities. There are two places where tourists can do gorilla trekking from in Uganda that’s in Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga Gorilla national park found in the famous volcanic ranges.

The best time to do gorilla trekking in Uganda is in the dry seasons, during December to February and from June to September. During this time there are no much rains, its not slippery and no much mud but keep in mind that the weather is unpredictable so rains can fall anytime because this parks are found in tropical rain forests.

Unlike Rwanda, gorilla trekking in Uganda is less expensive compared to the gorilla permit prices and during the wet season they offer a discount in the gorilla permits which is friendly to budget travelers. Hotels in Uganda also give discount rates during the low seasons.

However much the best time for trekking gorillas is during the dry season tourists can still do this activity all year round though they will likely be disrupted by climatic conditions of a particular time.

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