The best time to visit Uganda throughout the 365 days of the year is during any season even the rain season since most of the time our rain comes during early morning hours and at night. Occasionally it comes during the day but on rare instances. The temperature at the parks is usually between 24 to 28 degrees Celsius. The rains normally come in October to November (the shorter rainy season) and long rains from March to May (the longest rainy season).

Best Time to Visit Uganda

So what is the best time for visiting Uganda?

The best months people usually choose are the months of June throughout September or December to February. One must book in advance especially in the month of December (the last week of the month) which is the busiest in the park and all the lodges in the park are full.

One shouldn’t worry about the rainy season because in reality the Uganda Rains come and go. Even during the rainy season, it will rain and later the soil dries up and life moves.

Rain season doesn’t always mean there will be no visitation. A four wheel safari vehicle is needed. The park doesn’t close during rainy season, all seasons are open. There is also no guarantee that it will rain during your safari in Uganda. Nature is very funny and unpredictable. You can travel for 7 days without seeing a single drop of rainfall in the rainy season.

If unlucky, it can even rain for a whole day that the nights turn out to be cold. Gorilla trekking tourists can find a hard time hiking the trails though they still manage to get to the gorilla location. You have to plan well in advance especially regarding your packing list. What you pack for the dry season is not what you pack for the wet season. We usually advise our clients in advance regarding their packing list in correspondence to the season their safaris are scheduled in.

All in all, the best time to visit Uganda is from June to September and December to February. Scheduling your Uganda safari tours for these months will reduce the chances of your trip getting ruined.

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