The main place for bungee jumping in Uganda is Jinja located east of the capital city Kampala. Jinja is a name derived from a local word to mean “place of rocks”. Jinja offers one of the best and striking Bungee jumping sights in the whole world.

Bungee Jumping in Uganda

The Bungee jumping encounter is one of the things you might not easily experience anywhere in the world, it offers unforgettable memories of a lifetime. The jumping platform is 47 meters down to the water, Jinja is the only adventurous city in east Africa where you can do bungee jumping from.

Tourists going for Bungee jumping can add a taste to their adventure by first visiting the renowned Mabira forest for guided nature walks or even enjoy the cycling trails, Mabira forest boasts with over 300 species of birds, 100 moths species, different types of butterflies and many more

Some of the examples of birds found in Mabira forests are; purple throated cuckoo, blue swallow, Nathan’s francolin and papyrus gonolek to mention a few.

Tourists can also visit the famous source of the longest river in the world which is found in Lake Victoria in Jinja town. There also great opportunities of cruising in Lake Victoria and observe its beautiful flora and fauna. For centuries foreigners always wanted to know the source of the river Nile, a one Julius Caesar once said that “ one thing he most wanted to know about the world was the source of the river Nile “

Jinja is a town very rich in history boasting with many historical monuments where tourists can learn about the first foreigner to discover the source of the Nile who was a British soldier and explorer John Banning Speke.

In addition to this places they can also visit Bujjagali falls and Owen falls dam.

Jinja town can be visited all year round but the best time to visit is during the drier seasons of June to August and December to February.

Jinja town can be reached 80 kilometers away from Kampala access by road will take about 1-2 hours depending on the traffic jam and flights can be taken from Kajjansi airfield along Entebbe road operated by air Uganda and KE aviation

Accommodation in Jinja town ranges from camping, budget, backpackers, luxurious and where to sleep will always depend on the tourist’s budget.

Jinja is just the nearest city you can encounter Uganda from but there are also other beautiful places up country like the renowned Queen Elizabeth national park in the western part of the country endowed with tree climbing lions and the magnificent Kazinga channel streamlined with wildlife. Tourists can also visit mount Mgahinga or Bwindi national park for a gorilla trekking experience.

To the north of the country there is Murchison fall national park where you can watch the big five plus seeing the worlds strongest water falls. Kidepo valley is also Uganda’s priceless gem where you will see cheetahs, experience untouched culture and also see some of the world’s rarest birds.

If you don’t like to travel up country you can go to the Uganda wildlife education center and see various wildlife and birds or cruise on lake Victoria to Ngamba island for a chimpanzee experience.

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