Community based projects in Bwindi national park are non profit organizations that use their profits to benefit the surrounding communities they also promote tourism in that particular area where they operate. Some of the community based projects in Bwindi can be seen below:

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Bakiga lodge

Bakiga lodge is a lodge situated in Bwindi national park and it partners with Bakiga community project which is a registered charity in the United Kingdom and an NGO in Uganda. All the lodge profits are used for funding water projects they offer rooms with striking views of the park, all self contained with unsuited bathrooms in each plus quality service

Bwindi back packers lodge also gives part of the money it acquires through tourism, Backpackers lodge offers 30% of its profits to the local people through placements, volunteering opportunities, music, dance and drama and many more.

African community based development initiative

Nkuringo community conservation development foundation opted for residents to plant tea plantations that would cover 17 kilometers buffer zone separating them from the park. Animals don’t eat tea this deters then from getting to community other foods.

This is for a group of locals who are tired of mountain gorillas encroaching their lands.

Small scale enterprise development at Bwindi impenetrable national park

This project receives funds from forest policy and institutional branches of food and agriculture organizations of the United Nations. This projects support community based enterprises hence contributing to livelihoods and conservation of Bwindi bio diversity.

The Mgahinga Bwindi impenetrable forest trust

This was established in 1995 as a non government organization, funds were provided by World Bank through global environmental fund. The projects aim was to improve the livelihoods of the surrounding communities by addressing the community needs. They support research projects, creating awareness and education, research projects and park management projects.

You can also give on your own to the community projects in Bwindi to contribute to the livelihoods of the people living around the park and this can help in the conservation of mountain gorillas.

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