Mountain gorillas were almost becoming extinct in the world but thank God for the great work of the American primatologists and other conservationists who came in place to protect this endangered species. Mountain gorillas live in forests Hugh in the mountains at elevations of 8000 to 13000 feet.

5 Days Virunga Gorillas & Nyiragongo Hike

Mountain gorillas can only be found in three countries in the world and that is Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic republic of Congo and of which Uganda boasts with almost half of the world’s mountain gorilla population. Mountain gorillas have thick fur that helps them survive in cool temperatures of the mountains. Conservation has led to the increase of mountain gorilla numbers despite the human encroachment into their habitats, civil wars and poaching. Let’s look at places where to find mountain gorillas in the world.


In Uganda mountain gorillas can be found in two national Parks Mount Mgahinga national park and Bwindi impenetrable forest national park both found in the south western part of the country. Mount Mgahinga is one of the volcanic ranges and the gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park have been speculated by some primatologists to be of a different species.

Gorillas Habituated in Ugandan national Parks are; Nshongi family, Mishaya family, Nkuringo family, Oruzogo family, Mubare family, Kuhungye family, Habinyanja family, Bitukura family, Nyakagezi family, Busingye family, Bweza family,Rushegura family and Kyagurigo family for research purposes. All of this is in Bwindi national park except Nyakagezi family in Mount Mgahinga national park.

Bwindi national park can be reached 7-8 hours from Kampala via Mbarara. Mount Mgahinga national park can be reached in 8-9 hours via Kabale- Mbarara road from Kampala.


In Rwanda, mountain gorillas can be found in the famous volcanoes national park in the northeastern part of the country. The maximum group of people allowed to trek gorillas in Congo is 8 and the country has habituated 8 mountain gorilla families and this are; Sabinyo family, Susa family, Hirwa family, Kwitonda family, Amahoro family, Umubano family and group 13.

Volcanoes national park in Rwanda can be reached with in a period of one hours drive from the country’s capital of Kigali.

Democratic republic of Congo

In Congo, mountain gorillas can be found in Virunga national park that’s part of the volcano massif. Mountain gorillas in Congo are habituated in 8 groups for tourism and research purposes. The mountain gorilla groups in Congo include; Humba family, Bageni family, Rugendo family, Munyaga family, Lulengo family, Mapuwa family, Kabirizi family, and Nyakagezi family.

Virunga national park can be accessed within 7-8 hours from Kigali in Rwanda. A part from gorilla trekking, Uganda boasts with other various wildlife and over 1040 species of birds.

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