Gorilla trekking is an amazing activity, however there is a maximum number of people who trek the mountain Gorillas and these are supposed to be 8 people per a family of Gorillas. Each person has to be 15 years and above in order to be allowed to trek the Mountain Gorillas, its advised to wash your hands before going for the activity. Dress is long sleeved shirts, hiking boats, a hiking stick to support you during the walk, rain jacket since the forest is a rain forest, a bottle of drinking water.

Gorilla Trekking Rules & Regulations

When one starts a trek in the forest your voices must be kept low in order not to scare away the mammals, primates and birds this will give you a chance to spot a number of them .More so when the voices are high the mountain Gorillas might attack you during the face to face account remember these are wild animals. Do not through rubbish within the Mountain Gorilla range, everything carried in the forest should be carried out of the Forest. Be attentive and listen closely to the park guides and rangers for more information while in the forest this may protect you.


Your advised to stay or stand 7 meters away from the Mountain gorillas once you’re in their midst. The more you stay away the more they are relaxed and continue with their day to day activities b such as grooming each other, eating, playing, build their nests and many more.

Remain together as a group does not stay away. Note this is a forest.

Do not smoke, eat, and drink in the presence of the Mountain Gorillas. This act helps in the reeducation of transmitting diseases to the Mountain Gorillas.

Sometimes Gorillas charge but do not panic follow the lead of the guides do not look direct in their eyes as you wait for them to pass.

Do not run or attempt to run as they move towards you.

Turn off the flash-light of the cameras, take pictures gently.

Do not touch the Mountain Gorillas, these are wild animals.

Once you’re done to watch them and having an amazing encounter whisper and move until 200 meters away.

General health regulations to follow when carrying out Gorilla trekking.

Mountain Gorillas are very prone to catch human diseases therefore one is strongly advised to follow the rules and regulations for that reason, for those who are sick they will not be allowed to trek the Mountain Gorillas.

For those with air born diseases such as sneezing, coughing and many more you’re advised   to cover your nose and mouth in order to reduce the spread of diseases.

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