Encountering harmless wildlife on a horse is one of the lifetime experiences in Uganda. The horse riding safaris give you better views of wildlife than when you are on a game drive. Apart from wildlife you will pass through breathtaking farm plantations, the stunning landscapes and much more to explore. In Uganda horse riding safaris can be done in places as seen below:

Horse Riding Safaris in Uganda


Jinja has been dabbed as east Africa’s adventurous capital its endowed with beautiful landscapes, the source of the worlds longest river, the magnificent Mabira forest, one of the worlds largest fresh water lakes, cultural sites, Bungee jumping experience, Quad biking, white water rafting, historical sites and above all one can take a horseback ride besides the Nile and come along many locals, enjoy the cool breeze from the Nile waters and take unforgettable memories back home.

In Jinja you can be given multi day, overnight, 2-3 hours horse riding safari the costs of the horse riding safari range from $50, $75 and so forth depending in the time spent riding.

In Jinja, the offices are located opposite Bujjagali falls Western side of the Nile.

Lake Mburo national park

Another spectacular place where horse riding can be done in Uganda is the mighty lake Mburo national park, the park is the nearest to Kampala the capital of Uganda and it’s the only park in the western part of the country where you can find Zebras and Elands. Horse back riding safaris are excellent here as you will be in awe of the beauty of the park intermingling with zebras and many more. Its also best known for its outstanding sun rises and sun sets.

A part from horse riding there are many other activities that you can do while on safari to Uganda these include; Wildlife watching, birding as the country has almost half if Africa’s birds species, chimpanzees trekking boasting with over 5000 chimpanzees and also do gorilla trekking the country has got half population of mountain gorillas in the world.

A part from horse riding safaris, tourists can also explore the country and still view lot of wildlife on game drives. There also various trails set up in national parks for guided nature walk safaris.

Jinja town is just about 1-2 hours drive east of Kampala depending on the traffic jam. Lake Mburo is approximately two- three hours south west of Kampala.

Accommodation will vary according to tourists budget, hotels range from mid range lodge, budget hotels and luxurious hotels. Some of the hotels are; eagles nest camp Mburo, Arcadia lodge, Rwakobo rock hotel, Mburo safari lodge and leopard rest camp among the rest.

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