Quad biking is one of the beautiful ways to visit African villages or replace the usual nature walks for those who don’t fancy walking, Quad biking in jinja not only exposes you to the African grass thatched built villages but to some major attractions of jinja town like Bujjagali falls.

Quad Biking Adventures in Uganda

One of the most interesting thing about Quad biking is that the age is not very limited and there is no minimum number of people to engage in this activity in a day, the maximum time is all day there is no restricted time for quad biking.

Quad biking is a very unique activity in that tourists will not need a quad biking experience to do this activity, free training is provided for tourists by the guides prior to starting the main quad biking activity. Once you take on a quad biking experience expect to become dusty or muddy as the roads you pass will be remote and typically African.

Tourists can choose to take on a mixture of smooth and rough safari, smooth safari or a rough one but most adventurous is the rough one with more fun.

Tourists with experience and skills of quad biking can be introduced to technical and skeptical sections according to their adventure preferences.

The quad biking safari time is always depending on the circuits you decide to take, distance, time and age.

The quad bike safaris offer visitors outstanding experiences that other tourists to jinja don’t experience because some of this place can’t be reached by a vehicle.

Quad biking is open from 8:00 am east African time to 5:00pm.

Accommodation can be got in Jinja town where you can get budget, mid range and luxurious hotels providing good services

While in jinja town, tourists can also do other activities besides quad jumping this activities include; Kayaking, Bungee jumping, white water rafting, nurture guided walks, fishing, bird watching and boat cruises to mention a few.

One of the other places you can do quad biking from is in Jinja is at Lake Mburo national park where you can experience a wilderness quad biking and come across animals like impalas, elands, zebras, Ugandan jobs and many more.

Jinja can be accessed within an hour or two east of the country’s capital city Kampala depending on the traffic jam.

The rates of quad biking will always depend on the adventurous routes taken and the time doing this activity, tourists will be advised to wear closed safari shoes, sun screens, raincoat and cameras to capture the panoramic views of the mighty source of the Nile.

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