Uganda is safe. When we talk about Uganda, there obstacles to encounter in the country. Uganda is very safe country but of course not all countries are safe. There is always something one needs to take precaution of. You ought to look at a generally updated travel guide. The guide looks at the countries safety in perspectives of nightlife, health, security, wildlife, community life, political stability and rate of crime many more. Before going on Uganda safaris and tours, it is very necessary to check on the current safety situation in Uganda. Your Uganda tours and travel operator can perhaps update you on the current safety situation in the country.

Safety in Uganda Is Uganda Safe


Uganda’s safety is always highly emphasized. Some vaccinations are required before you enter into the country of Uganda among them is the yellow fever vaccination. The vaccinations protect one from getting infections that are hard to treat. The yellow fever vaccination is very important if not granted entourage in another country may not be granted. The yellow fever vaccination certificate you have to travel with it on your every journey. Vaccinate some few weeks before any trip for your safety. The rate of Malaria is very high in Uganda, that’s why taking Malaria prevention medicine is important in order to ensure one doesn’t fall sick while on trip. One has to stay away from danger of sexual acts that might lead to high risk of HIV/AIDS. Some tourists engage in risky behavior.


It’s awesome to spend a night in Uganda, Policemen are everywhere to ensure safety, and policemen are assigned duties in most of the areas and cities of Africa. However do not allow to walk late in the night in order to avoid robbers especially in isolated spots of Kampala. In case one wants to move at night they should move in Vehicles plus their identifications in order to be safe, more so avoid drinking while driving this is strongly against the law of Uganda. Do not involve yourself in sexual behaviors at night,50% of girls who hangout in the middle of the night are sexual workers, and over 30% are HIV positive and they carry STDs. Be selective to ensure your safety.


Uganda is known worldwide with people who are friendly, the community and its people are outstanding, down to earth and many of them will be part of you when you’re in the community. Your guide will give you the best word to use in the community such as Thank you, Good morning, Your welcome, what is your name and more this will depend on the community where you are because we have quite a number of languages, this will enable you to have time and interact with the community in Uganda. Engage in fun activities such as story telling the amazing part of it all a big heart by reaching out to the less privileged.


Uganda Tourism safety encourages everyone to take precautions before engaging I wildlife activity. There many lodges around the national game parks, the park are not fenced this helps the animals to move freely, consult the lodge and people near you to have a great moment to move freely. The lodge has rules and regulations that you should follow but have a couple of game rangers too. There activities like Gorilla tracking, during pre-briefing in the morning. Do not hesitate to ask questions about wildlife safety in Uganda.


Uganda is politically stable with no signs of instability. It’s very safe in Uganda and it is among the best regions in the country of Africa at the moment.


The rate at which crime is high is too that so hug. However some precautions   as you tour the cities. The street children target many souvenirs such as target necklaces wearable gadgets, Wallet stolen. The road safety is guaranteed a lot of precaution is taken because a lot of people drive while drunk. However Uganda is a lovely country, it’s a beautiful destination where you have a chance in a lifetime to believe and experience the beautiful attractions, good memories and many more.

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