Touring new destinations is almost every ones dream but this comes with a cost that some people will rather loose their life time savings and discover the rest of the world.  Uganda is the pearl of Africa boasting with slot of tourist’s attractions. Most people often come to relax and enjoy the precious gen of Africa but normally don’t even know how to spend less.

How to save on your safari in Uganda

Here are some tips on how to save while in Uganda.

Learn to travel in a group

When travelling in groups lesser costs are incurred though the parks entry fee, gorilla permit fee and food rates will not change but the car costs will be shared hence saving some cash.

Tourists can also save on a Ugandan safari by carefully selecting a place of stay, normally the hotels in national parks or near the parks are very expensive but there are some whose rates are pocket friendly and affordable yet offering the same services except the expensive ones might be luxurious while the others are mid range, you can even share a double room and pay less.

You can also lower the cost of your safari to Uganda by booking with Ugandan tour operators not travel agents in your country, the country’s tour operator prices are lower than the travel operators in your country. The more advantage is that the Ugandans are more familiar with their own country than outsiders.

Book your activity in advance

This mainly applies to the peak season where many lodges can be fully booked and you might just hop from place to place transnight looking for where to sleep hence spending more on fuel and time, this also mostly applies to the mountain gorilla permits, you must book your permit in advance or you will come and find when two full weeks have been already booked then you might have to go to Rwanda or go back home with no experience hence money wasted.

Tourists can also reduce on their budgets by going for a safari during the low season this is the time some tour operators have closed down or give discounts of up to 50% rates. The gorilla permit fee also is $600. The low season is the best time for budget travelers. flights to Uganda will also be lower during this season.

The safari vehicle you use for your safari will also determine the price you will pay for example the Toyota land cruiser that has been converted for safari and the four wheel drive Toyota safari van all have pop roofs but the Toyota safari van costs less money on a per day basis use in Uganda. Vehicles used always have different rental prices.

Choosing the arrival airport will also reduce some costs depending on the distance of your first destination to that airport, for example you would rather fly into Kigali international airport then to Mgahinga gorilla national park than fly in to Entebbe international airport then travel to mount Mgahinga.

Always change your money from a forex bureau, the exchange rate are normally lower than in a hotel or a restaurant.

Though their options of having a luxurious stay in Uganda, don’t be limited on budgeting if you have all the money to spend come visit the country live in hotels of 1st class country standards and have lots of fun.

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