Want to book tailor made trips to Congo? Congo known as Democratic Republic of Congo sometimes known as DR Congo or Zaire is one of the countries with the largest rain forests in Africa and the world, the only country on the planet where you can trek both Mountain and Lowland Gorillas.

Tailor Made Trips to Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo has more unique opportunities clients can enjoy ranging from Wildlife, flora, cultures, fresh deep river, caves, reserves and others. The tourist has a wide range of unique activities to do both within the capital Kinshasa and outside the capital. One can make tailor made tour covering only Congo or combine with nearby countries like Rwanda or Uganda.

Our tour packages are designed to suit the desire and interest of clients which cover: trekking of both low land and mountain Gorillas, visiting the true pygmies at their forest life style, spot the remaining few Bonobos at Lola ya Bonobo the only world’s reserve that keeps orphan Bonobos, visit Boyoma Falls which was called before as Stanley Falls formed by seven different cataracts each at 5m high gap and see the most rare Okapi in Okapi wildlife Reserve located inside Ituri Forest. This is one of the hardest activities in Congo which are almost impossible to be done.

One cannot say he or she visited Congo without hiking to the summit of Nyiragongo few remaining active volcanoes with the largest lava lake not only in central and East Africa but also in the world boiling. Other attractions include caves like Matupi cave, Dimba cave, Thysville caves mention but a few.

Congo boasts very much as the cheapest destination to trek the primates in East Africa in comparison to their neighboring countries of Uganda and Rwanda where one can again see the mountain Gorillas. The Congo River which is the deepest river in the world and the second largest by volume of water discharged behind Amazon River.

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