Congo is endowed with massive rain forests, swamps, grasslands, waterfalls, spectacular landscapes, mountainous areas, lagoons and various wildlife. Congo is one of the top tourists destinations in Africa endowed with some of the worlds remaining natural rain forests there are many reason for visiting Congo some of this can be seen below:

Why visit Congo

Trek the endangered gorillas

Congo is one of the three countries in the world where you can encounter the endangered gorilla species. Visit Congo and explore mans closest relative with DNA of 97.8% . The mountain gorillas are beautiful to behold in their natural habitat.

Hike Mount Nyiragongo

Hike the Mount Nyiragongo, apparently the most dangerous active volcano in the whole world.

Visit the poto poto school

This schools was established by a French painter known as Pierre lods in 1951, he was a mathematician and amateur painter whose passion was to see the school at high level today, its in fact one of the most rewarded artistic centers in central Africa. Artistic works are also on sale.

Visit the St Anne’s Basilica building

This building was constructed by local priests in 1949 designed by a French architect called Roger Erell, the tiles are made in snake like scales making I very visible the reason for the snake scale tiles is that they are believed to ward off evil spirits from the church.

Visit the Sacred heart cathedral

This cathedral was visited by Pope John Paul in 1980 and by De Gualle in 1944, this cathedral is Aldo the resting place of Emilie Biayenda after his murder in 1977. The cathedral also provides spectacular views of Kinshasa and Brazzaville.

Pierre Savorgan de Brazza memorial

This is the resting place of the Brazzaville founder Pierre Savorgnan whose body was returned to Congo in 2006 his statue also stands at the banks of the Congo river with his remains buriedunder this white marble mausoleum.

Visit marche plateau ville

This is the best place for getting African crafts from, its also known as plateau city market its sells variety of flowers too and please this is a Africa where you have o bargain in most markets. Tourists can also visit Congo to get emerged in the center of African music, most Congolese produce a local genre known as Lingala get in the country enjoy and buy some of the CDs to listen back home. You can also enjoy performance by various top artists and local traditional dancers.

The best time to visit Congo is in the drier months of May to September and January and February when the grass is short and wild life is easily seen unlike wet season when some roads become impassable. Make sure to always come along with good hiking shoes, rain coats, insect repellents, sun screens, hats, sun glasses and other required things while visiting the Democratic republic of Congo.

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