Yellow fever vaccination protects tourists against yellow fever especially people who travel for Tours in Tanzania, Uganda safaris tours and other countries home away from home. Yellow fever is a disease found in most areas of Africa and South America. The immunity starts to develop within the ten days and 99% protected within the month of vaccination, this is a lifelong vaccination. This type of vaccine can control the outbreak of diseases.

Yellow Fever Vaccination

The vaccine is given under the skin or by injection. The (WHO) World Health Organization is an organization that recommends vaccination in all countries where this disease is common. This vaccination can be given to babies of nine to twelve months of age. And for those who travel to areas with yellow fever, you are encouraged to get vaccinated. Yellow fever vaccination is very safe even for those with HIV. The side effects includes muscle pains, headache, pain at the injection site, rash and fever. Yellow fever vaccination is safe in pregnancy and recommended for those who are exposed to it already. This vaccine cannot be given to people with very poor immune systems.

This vaccination came into existence in 1938 and is on the World Health Organizations list of Essential Medicines. It’s a safe medicine that’s needed in health systems. Some countries require yellow fever vaccination certificate before entry if a tourist is from a country where the disease is very common. To control the virus, one must be vaccinated. Use of mosquito nets is also recommended just like use of insecticides spray and screening of houses.

The vaccine is given 10 days prior to the day of travel. Yellow Fever vaccination is considered safe. People with allergic reaction to eggs will need to meet a physician prior to vaccination. This vaccine cannot be given to kids who are zero to six months old or adults who are over the age of 59 years. This disease increased in areas of South America and Africa in the years of 1980s but the issue was addressed by WHO. The yellow fever vaccine campaign increased from about 5 million doses per year.

Every Tourist is encouraged to get vaccinated for  yellow fever before traveling to Uganda. Visit any medical facility nearby for the vaccination 10 days prior to your travel date. And for any traveler out of Uganda and East African countries, a yellow fever vaccination certificate is a must carry since you won’t be allowed to travel out of the country without the vaccination card. We organize tours for clients but wouldn’t like it if you’re denied entry or exit into a safari country because you are not vaccinated.

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