Budget gorilla trekking has for long been misunderstood. So many people think booking budget gorilla tours means settling for low quality facilities. This is very wrong. Its all about finding the most affordable facilities that offer exceptional facilities. Focus East Africa Tours has partnered with so many nice accommodation facilities and because of this, we are able to offer budget gorilla safaris to our clients. Africa boasts with diverse wildlife but the most unique are the endangered mountain gorillas that you can't find any where else but in Rwanda, Uganda and Congo. There are about 1000 mountain gorillas found in the Virunga ranges with Uganda having about half of this great ape population. Gorilla families are always headed by a Silverback gorilla. The gorillas are mostly nestled in thick rain forests that will require average fitness so don’t expect to sit on the car as in the game drive. While trekking mountain gorillas in their habitats, you will be sure to see some other primates. Its most peoples dream to trek mountain gorillas but the prices of gorilla permits, the transport and other costs cannot allow them because they might even end up using up a lot of their savings. You can still go for gorilla trekking on budget. See some of the budget gorilla safari packages below.