Congo hiking safaris are much rewarding with reputable operators, it’s only in Congo that one can trek both lowland and mountain Gorillas not forgetting the largest lava lake in the world Nyirangongo. Focus East Africa tours with our experience in Congo we guarantee you the best experience of hiking in all the East African countries in addition to Congo. We pick our clients from different parts of their entry point to the country, drive them to Virunga or Nyiragongo in congo. Nyiragongo is 3470 meters high an active volcano mountain located in Virunga National park just a few meters away from Rwanda in the border north of Goma town. We have in several occasions conquered Nyiragongo giving our clients to see the live boiling hot lava lake on top of the mountain. Nyirangongo has the largest hot lava lake in the world, the crater is two kilometers wide.

Many always ask how deep the crater is. It has been common question to may but according to the recent research taken suggests that the depth of the lake varies with the maximum elevation recorded about 3250 meters with the lake depth at 600 meters according to the 1977 January eruption. Congo has also Nyamuragira another active volcano in Virunga Mountains just adjacent to Nyiragongo Volcano. Focus East Africa Tours takes you to discover the remote twin active volcano in Congo. Nyamuragira is the most African active volcano on records with over 40 eruptions since 1885 with the most recent eruption occurring on 8th 2011 November.