Uganda the pearl of Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa! With its small size, the country is blessed with nice scenic beauty, most hospitable people with over 30 tribes each with its own culture. People smile all the time welcome is the common word you can hear everywhere you go in the country. We have much experience for handling family safaris in Uganda through answering the key questions which are commonly asked by every traveler like safety, Maleria, activities for the children and many more. It’s out of these questions we have come up with specific packages for families with different ages of children. The key activities like Gorilla and Chimpanzee trekking are regulated to certain age group unless through writing that one can be allowed to let their children track but still not below ten years of age though the minimum age is 15 years. Never the less we have developed packages that suit all the age brackets from 5 years and above.

We are working with different hotels that have family cottages and children play grounds that allow children to enjoy more. Above all our driver guides know how best to make your child enjoy during your trip with us, they have direct activities which involve Children participation like school visits, community visits, games competition depending on their favorite game. During game drives children are provided with juice, small binoculars and other safety measures hence helping them develop their talents. In the days when activities for the adults only are done like Gorilla trekking, subsidiary activities are arranged for the children to make them feel the pearl of Africa like cultural walks, dancing playing with local children and others. In Focus East Africa tours quality and client satisfaction is our pride irrespective of the client age he or she is our boss we deliver the best for the children. Drop us an inquiry and talk to one of our consultants for the best services.