Are you looking for the Masai Mara hot air balloon review? Balloon safaris in Kenya are done only in Masai Mara national reserve and the balloons are done twice in the day that is early morning and late evening floating for 1 to 2 hours on the air with an eagle eye at the animals both on land and Leopards and other primates on trees. These balloons are organized by governors’ balloon safaris and balloon safaris limited Kenya through us. The morning one is always the best and most rewarding when the weather is favorable for both the balloon and the animals before the sun rises and becomes hot and the animals go back to their hide outs. The grazers go to look for water and cold resting areas to chew their cuds. Balloon flights are arranged at most with an extra cost of $500 as an optional activity since few clients do it terming the activity as luxurious and good for honeymooners who want to enjoy cold floating time on air. If you book through us, Masai Mara hot air balloon price turns out to be lower than this. The balloon takes off daily at the designated sites as the mobile transporting car takes it there as clients are driven from their car to the starting point of the ballooning. The activity starts with briefing from the pilot and the guide then later you will be let in and every one will be sited before the balloon takes off then you will be told to stand up and start enjoying your activities

The hot air balloon safaris in Kenya give you the unforgettable scenery as it is much spectacular and breathtaking nature. You will explore much diverse habitats of the Masai Mara National Reserve like the Mara River, swamps, forests, wildlife, the Masai open Savannah among others. In most cases clients have witness the big cats with the kill or when they are hunting this makes their experience more extra ordinary seeing how these animals at a comfortable near distance especially the big five like leopards, elephants, lions, buffalos and Rhinos and other wild animals both aquatic and on land for example hippos, giraffes, Wildebeest, Zebras, Crocodiles, warthogs, hyenas, Antelopes, hartebeest, wild dogs mention but a few. See some of our Kenya hot air balloon safari packages below.