Camping Kenya Safaris are designed typically to offer world class true African wildlife Experience with both high class tents and basic tents depending on the persons budget, unlike lodges that are built permanently seasonal tents makes you go and sleep deep in the middle of the wilderness for example during migration season in Masai mara one tents around the Masai River making them enjoy one of the wonders of the world at ease. This is great experience to budget clients who want to achieve more in their safaris and less in accommodation accepting to spend their nights at the sleeping bags on the floor with a mattress under these water proof safe tents, seeing African stars at night, hearing roaring lions and all other nocturnal animals at night hunting and moving around the park. One story was recorded when two lions fought in the entrance of the tent and the client urinated inside.

The tents are sited in the private rich sector of the park with high population of the animals (Animal center) where one can just walk and see the animals with the guide ranger of the park, easy to make night game drives in search for the African nocturnal animals lion leopards which needs an eagle eye in order to see it. These tents are eco friendly and above all makes you save much as you get luxury safari experience on budget rates which killing two birds using one stone. All our camping safaris are accompanied by the staff members who will help the clients boil water, erect the tents, prepare and serve the food to the clients. These trips can be done in all national parks and reserves of Kenya from the vast Masai Mara down to Samburu National park.