When it comes to family safaris to Africa especially East Africa Kenya becomes number one for most of the parents with children of all ages due to its peace, safety, a lot of wildlife, fresh beaches suitable for families, and good distributed weather throughout the year which favors children. One does not need to do lengthy game drive in order to see more animals but just briefly and almost all the big five are seen. Family Safaris to Kenya create unforgettable memories not only to parents but to the children. Family holidays are fantastic way of spending your adventurous safari in Kenya with whole family playing together, parents pretending to be guides to their children showing then new life experience. We do give tailor made itineraries to families upon request or one can select from the various packages we have on our websites which are all designed with enough experience of handling family trips.

We select the best child friendly accommodation which offers other indoor games for children, lodges where one can easily do a community walk with the family pay visit to few African homes and see how they are. This gives children enough time to make friends, socialize with others, learn new things and many more many it two ways win win situation. All our trips are not only fun but learning lessons to children, excitement as well as freedom within the family and in the wilderness. Kenya great diversity and richness with wildlife makes children feel happy as they see animals they saw on televisions room freely at the wilderness, catch their pray, how animals care for their little ones as they compare them with humans through asking dozens of questions to both their parents and guide, seeing in reality what they read in story books like Lions the king of the jungle, Elephants, leopards, Giraffes among others.