Kenya is a country in east Africa with Nairobi as its capital city. The country dates back to the 8th century when the Islamic Arabs started coming in the country and later the Europeans who colonized it until it got her independence. Kenya is bordered by the Indian Ocean, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia. The name Kenya is said to be derived from a Kikuyu local word “Embu kinnyaa” to mean mount Kenyain Russia the name is said to be meaning innocent while in Hebrew it means animal horn. Its also said that when the British first came to Kenya they found when the locals already called it Kiirinya something related to mount Kenya in the local language and they found difficulties in pronouncing and their fore named it Kenia. Kenya’s national parks are highly streamed with wildlife some of the common animals are Zebras, wildebeests, lions, leopards, elephant’s lions and so many more. The sceneries are very dramatic like the long and steely fourteen thika falls. There’s a place in Kenya that’s known for defying gravity, things tend to go upwards instead of downwards. This place is found in Machakos city. The great wildebeest’s migration between Kenya and Tanzania is the world’s biggest animal migration. Viewing the wildebeests and zebras being preyed by their predators is one of the best wildlife encounters you can experience in a lifetime. Find affordable Kenya safaris below.